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Galaxy Watch X: Samsung’s Next Wearable Name Leaked

Galaxy Watch X
  • Samsung’s new high-end smartwatch will be called Galaxy Watch X, featuring a 578mAh battery and extreme water resistance.
  • The unveiling might be moved from July 10 to June 24, possibly due to the Paris Olympics.

News regarding Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Watch recently surfaced that contradicted existing reports regarding its name – multiple reports have previously referred to its high-end model as being called Galaxy Watch Ultra; however Greek tech news site Tech Maniacs claims instead it would be called Galaxy Watch X.

Samsung did not reveal why they are considering changing its device’s name; however, speculation suggests this could be in response to Apple’s launch of Apple Watch Ultra series and possibly wanting something unique and distinguishing that would set their product apart from those offered by competitors.

However, Samsung may adopt Apple’s “X” moniker and use “Apple Watch X” wearable as well. While focusing so intently on what an unknown hardware name will be may seem irrelevant or even silly to users, tech companies need a proper name in order to establish themselves among customers and users alike.

Tech Maniacs’ leak is more than just name. Their report indicates the wearable will contain a 578mAh battery – significantly bigger than what was found in Samsung Watch6 Classic (420mAH). With such a power source available to it, Samsung could create something capable of lasting 100 hours on one charge!

Samsung appears to be providing its wearable with extra tough features beyond just its chip, including extreme water resistance. Tech Maniacs reported that Samsung Watch X can survive being submerged up to 100 meters underwater (330 feet), which puts it on par with Apple Watch Ultra’s depth capabilities.

Tech Maniacs reported that Samsung would host an Unpacked event on July 10, and we may see its next Galaxy Watch revealed along with other products at that event. But Tech Maniacs made another bold claim by suggesting it be moved back a week to June 24th instead.

They do not provide an explanation as to why Samsung pushed back the date; however they speculate it may have something to do with the Olympics in Paris and wish to make their big announcements before this event takes place. Please take this information with a grain of salt!

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