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From Now To Then: The History Of Your Favourite Casino Games

Casino Games

Whether you’ve dabbled within the casino lobbies just a handful of times or you class yourself as more of a casino connoisseur, the games we play have travelled through centuries to arrive in front of us – but how did they get there?

Follow us as we take a look into just a handful of the casino games online, some players deem their favourites on the casino floor…

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In the modern-day, you have two options of how to grab a game of the iconic wheel: down your local gambling establishment or by logging in to an online casino site on a device connected to the internet. But this wasn’t always the case. First hitting the scene in the 18th century, Roulette was only available in casinos and gambling houses, and featured both a single and double zero on the wheel. It wasn’t until brothers Francois and Louis Blanc introduced a single zero variation with a lower house edge in 1843, that we saw two variants of the game.

Nowadays, the single zero version is known as the European wheel, whereas the wheel that features a double zero alongside the single zero, is known as American Roulette. This is due to the fact that when the iconic wheel reached the American shores, players actually preferred a higher house edge to a lower one, and reintroduced the double zero wheel.

Which game variation do you prefer?


Today, you can play a game of Blackjack from the comfort of our sofas or at a casino venue, but just like Roulette, this wasn’t always the case – in fact, Blackjack has only become known as Blackjack in recent decades; it was previously known as both Vingt-et-Un and 21 depending on where in the world you were.

Originating in France, Vingt-et-Un first hit gaming tables in the 1700s, where it is said to have been played within the French Royal Court during the reign of King Louis VX. In the 1800s it made its way to other countries, including America. It was here that a skilled French dealer called Eleanor Dumont, known amongst others as a rarity immigrated to the states and travelled around introducing players to the world of 21. She soon opened up her own establishment in Nevada City, California, ironically called Vingt-et-Un, and players from all over the country visited to try their hand at a game against her.

As we entered the 20th century, gambling halls and casinos alike decided to run a few promotions, offering bonus payouts for many games, including 21. One of the most popular bonuses was known as Blackjack. To claim this, players must hold a hand that contained the Ace of Spades as well as one of the black Jacks from the deck, creating a value of 21. As the promotions faded, the name ‘Blackjack’ stuck, and the name of the game evolved in many places around the world.

-What is this iconic game known as where you are?

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