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France Favours Low-Carbon Ethanol

Scania France has announced its first sale of an ethanol-powered truck to Transports NJS Faramia, a specialist in temperature-controlled transport.

Scania is presently the only manufacturer to offer ethanol-powered heavy vehicles. With ED95, carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 90 percent.

The heavy vehicle grade ED95 fuel was granted favourable taxation by the French Government earlier this year and hauliers can also benefit from accelerated depreciation of their vehicles. Additionally, ethanol qualifies for the highest environmental level in the French Crit’Air air quality vehicle certification scheme, which is in force in major French cities.

Forerunner in sustainable transport

NJS Faramia will operate the Scania P 280 truck for temperature-controlled food distribution in the Marseille area. The transport company is a forerunner in alternative sustainable transportation solutions and has previously taken Scania gas-powered trucks in operation as well as low-energy refrigeration systems.

“Our aim is to offer all our customers the best quality of service. Economic efficiency, social equity and environmental responsibility are objectives which engage NJS Faramia in developing sustainable transport and long-term customer satisfaction,” says Managing Director Victor Faramia.

The ED95 fuel will be produced from pomace – grape residue after pressing – from local wineries. The pomace will be collected and processed by Union des distilleries de la méditerranée in Vauvert, near Montpellier.

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