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Four Types of Employee Awards to Consider (and How to Present Them)

Types of Employee Awards

The idea behind employee recognition is simple: when a company recognizes the efforts and hard work of their employees, workers will be happier. In turn, employees will be more focused and productive.

So, recognising members of staff can be incredibly beneficial for both employees and employers.

One of the best ways of recognizing the accomplishments and hard work of people at the workplace is to hand out awards.

When a person receives an award, such as a plaque or trophy, it is sure to give the individual a positive boost and he or she is sure to treasure the award for years to come.

So, let us take a look at the different types of awards you could give to high-achieving employees and some ways in which you can present them.

1. A Performance Award

When it comes to recognizing employees who have performed well or gone above and beyond the call of duty, such as someone who has exceeded sales targets or someone who has brought new clients on board, you can show your appreciation by handing out a performance award.

You should look at giving out performance awards on a regular basis, such as every month or quarter.

Employees may then go the extra mile to not only do a good job but also to stand a good chance of being the recipient of the performance award.

2. An Employee of the Month Award

Similarly, you should consider handing out regular awards that recognize employees for various reasons.

An employee of the month award could be given to someone who has performed consistently, someone who has received amazing feedback from their colleagues, or someone who has come up with an effective solution to a problem.

It is up to you how you judge candidates for an employee of the month award. But one thing is certain: employees will work hard to get their hands on this award.

3. A Newcomer Award

It can be a good idea to recognize the accomplishments of newcomers to your company by handing out newcomer awards.

To make newcomer awards fair, put qualifying criteria in place. For instance, eligible workers could be new employees who have worked for your company for less than three months.

4. A Long Service Award

At the other end of the spectrum, consider handing out awards for long service.

This award is sure to make long-serving employees feel appreciated and it will enable other workers to see just how much you appreciate your dedicated workforce.

How to Present Your Awards

Before you decide how to present your awards, it is important that you choose the right awards to give out.

For instance, at, you can find a wide variety of awards and recognition items, such as crystal awards, sturgeon bowls, full-colour awards, vases, and items like ceramic mugs, coolers, and backpacks.

You can also shop for awards by style, such as star-shaped awards, sphere-shaped awards, and obelisk-shaped awards.

Make sure you choose awards that are suitable for the specific employee and the type of recognition.

You can then present your awards in ways like the following.

Hold an Award Ceremony

It is a great idea to hold an awards ceremony in your office.

You can make the event into a special and memorable occasion by handing out nibbles and glasses of bubbly so that everyone feels like a part of the ceremony.

Create a Wall of fame

You should also consider creating a wall of fame and giving out awards in that setting.

Award winners can then be permanently recognized for their accomplishments by having their photos and the names of their awards displayed in a prominent position.

Post Awards on Social Media

Lastly, consider posting awards on social media platforms.

As long as you have the award recipient’s consent, posting award winners on your company’s social media channels can enhance the award winners’ feelings of pride and accomplishment.

Displaying awards online will also demonstrate to your customers, partners, prospective clients and employees that you value your workers and take their achievements seriously.

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