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FedEx Office Optimizes Commercial Print Production With Industry-Leading Technology

fedexDALLAS, July 14, 2015—FedEx Office®, a world-class commercial print provider, has created a faster, cost-effective and streamlined way to deliver professional print services using EFI’s industry-leading productivity software.

The EFI™ software system directs large or complex print jobs to the numerous FedEx Office Centralized Production Centers (CPCs). FedEx Office team members at the Network Fulfillment Center can now quickly view and assess the print production volume within the network, and easily direct print jobs to more than 100 color and monochrome digital presses across the country. The improved system has increased production efficiency by more than 15 percent.

“With the production workflow EFI helped to develop and implement, we are able to eliminate manual processes and send commercial jobs directly into the production queue promptly after receipt of the file,” said Aimee DiCicco, senior vice president of Sales for FedEx Office. “This streamlined efficiency is critical for our commercial print customers whose printing needs constantly evolve and often require 24-7 support.“

The enhanced system then allows the FedEx Office Network Fulfillment Center to manage the distribution of print jobs originating in one location to be sent for completion at production locations closer to the customer’s point of need, leveraging the vast FedEx Office national network for centralized, regionalized and localized printing, based on distribution requirements. FedEx Office established the system by integrating several technologies with EFI workflow software and print servers.

“The print production architecture FedEx Office has implemented is the new frontier in production management,” according to Gabriel Matsliach, senior vice president and general manager, EFI Productivity Software. “It is very rare when, on a large-scale project, business processes and production processes are completely and truly integrated and automated into a single unified, smart workflow.”

The convenient network of digitally-connected FedEx Office retail locations, centralized production centers and around-the-clock online services help large businesses improve their productivity and maintain total control of their print supply chain. FedEx Office is seamlessly linked to the FedEx global shipping network, providing the speed and reliability of the FedEx brand to ensure on time delivery of all printed materials.

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