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Features of Betting on WWE Matches


Betting on WWE matches is gaining increasing popularity. This type of betting blends elements of sports and show business. Fans from around the world watch the confrontation of mighty fighters in the ring. The outcomes of the battles are often unpredictable, making the bets very exciting.

About the Competition

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organizes dozens of tournaments annually. Major events include the “Royal Rumble,” “WrestleMania,” “SummerSlam,” among others, where championship titles are contested in various weight categories. The strongest fighters engage in uncompromising battles for the title of the best. The WWE betting industry is a universe with its own mythology, storylines, and wrestlers’ distinct personas. Each match is meticulously choreographed. Incredible stunts, spectacular moves, and dramatic finales keep the audience on edge. Meanwhile, the outcome of the match is unpredictable, opening up a vast field for betting.

Betting Opportunities

Bookmakers offer a wide range of markets for betting on WWE matches. You can bet both on the winner of a specific fight, the overall tournament victor, or special bets, like the “Victory Method.” The most common thing is that no “Disqualification” is in place in matches, so bets can be placed on whether the fight lasts longer/shorter than a certain time limit.

Odds mostly depend on fighters’ rating and development of the plot; therefore, high odds usually go to outsiders. Still, a great number of surprises are possible when some underdog unexpectedly gains a victory. It is only necessary to keep abreast of both news and fan sentiments in order to guess the next twist of the storyline.

Take the win-loss statistics of the wrestler and study the wrestling style. Some specialists are even “champions in grappling.” His fighting style will drop a hint about what to bet on. But, never forget about holds, throws, and finishing moves.

Betting Tips and Choosing a Bookmaker

Overall, a good understanding of WWE’s plot twists is essential. Keep track of who is feuding and who are allies at the moment. Bookmakers finely notice all details of upcoming confrontations. Follow the news feed and insider information to make accurate predictions.

When choosing a bookmaker, consider:

  • The variety of bets offered;
  • The level of odds for WWE markets;
  • Licensed operations.

Serious bookmakers have a series of quotas: those relative to the whole race and those segmental, based on every single match card. Some companies have also introduced a bet on the next titleholder in each weight category.

On top of that, bookmakers could offer bets for long-run wagers, such as the tournament’s situation in one year, standing in team championships, as well as other prospective events in the WWE world. The depth of the betting opportunities allows making predictions about virtually any nuance in the storylines of the show.

Decide your betting strategy, corresponding to bankroll management. Big single bets on unlikely underdogs are always risky, although they can bring you big wins. Instead, it is safer to place your bet on favorites but with moderate profits. Therefore, bet management or bankroll management distributed against the risk can bring you good income. Then betting on WWE can also bring you good income.

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