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Explore the Best Tips in Restaurant Patio Design

Restaurant Patio Design

In order to maximize the use of outside space at your restaurant, it is a good idea to create a bustling patio area for your visitors to dine and interact in. Those with outdoor kitchens and other distinctive eating experiences will benefit the most from this trend. Visitors to any type of establishment, from a little restaurant to a huge hotel chain, like being able to relax outside. Learn more about the proper sorts of outdoor restaurant furniture to utilize in your patio spaces, as well as the numerous accessories that may be added to restaurant settings, pool settings, or even basic social settings, by reading the article below.

Restaurant operators that want to take advantage of lower or free rent on outdoor space understand the draw of outdoor eating as much as the general public. Examine the following five aspects of outdoor eating that restaurateurs should consider when designing an outdoor dining area.


If at all feasible, situate outside eating places such that they are easily accessible from the kitchen and adventure areas. In cases where space permits, consider locating point of sale terminals, clean stations and soda machines, and ice service stations outside.  Accessibility for customers is also vital. Because the host station is the decision point for the client, visibility and access from the host station are critical. Access to bathrooms from the outside should be intuitively positioned so that both outdoor and inside guests may be served without having to cross the server path to reach the restroom. It is important to choose furnishings for their longevity and convenience of use, while still preserving a brand link with the interior. Slip resistance and ease of cleaning should be considered when designing flooring and paving for outdoor areas. Moving patio tables and chairs over pavers, especially high-top seating can be challenging due to the difficulties in cleaning and moving the material.


The whole rationale for having this place is to present your guests with a connected yet distinct experience, ultimately resulting in increased customer loyalty. Take advantage of rising consumer trends to broaden the range of experiences available to customers. The majority of customers, particularly Millennials, are seeking for locations to gather with friends for a variety of situations, ranging from coffee in the morning to a nutritious snack or juice after a workout to drinks and appetizers in the evening to a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner. This should be accommodated by the furnishings in the outdoor dining area, which should include a range of seating options ranging from informal lounges, bar and cafe seats, and even formal dining, depending on your menu. Make use of your assets to their full potential! To create a focal point, utilize busy pedestrian routes for people watching, natural elements such as shade trees and bodies of water for relaxing, or simply a rustic wall that collects sunlight to create a focal point. It is critical to be visible from the exterior of the restaurant in order to attract potential customers and grow your business. It is possible to increase the attraction of a building from the street by using colorful iconic canopies, market umbrellas, and festive lights, for example. When friends talk about dining alfresco, it’s crucial to keep the topic of outdoor seats at the forefront of their minds.

Make use of your assets to their full potential! To create a focal point, utilize busy pedestrian routes for people watching, natural elements such as shade trees and bodies of water for relaxing, or simply a rustic wall that collects sunlight to create a focal point.


During peak outdoor dining hours, pay close attention to where the sun is shining and make modifications to the seating arrangement, shading devices, and materials that will be exposed to the sun and weather throughout the year. Sitting in a scorching-hot black iron chair that has been out in the sun all day will not gain you any customers’ trust or respect. Take advantage of the prevailing airflow patterns and avoid blocking the flow with walls or other furnishings. Outdoor textiles with perforations or woven sitting surfaces are ideal for preventing heat accumulation in warm weather. Consider the parking and vehicular access in the area, which may create discomfort due to glare from headlights and noise or exhaust fumes from automobiles waiting for pick-up, as well as other factors.


The smell of excellent foods cooking in the kitchen or the fragrance of a fragrant planting, the sound of a water fountain, music, or a crackling fire, the warmth of the sun, or the cool wind should greet patrons who are seated outdoors at a restaurant. These aspects may vary depending on the time of day, beginning with more subtlety in the morning and developing over the day, sometimes culminating in live music in the late evening. A great deal of care should be made to minimize any unpleasant sensory aspects that could interfere with the overall environment.


A common mistake is to underestimate the possibilities that well-designed outdoor lighting may provide. Make use of the chance to distinguish the outside experience by using excellent lighting. With the advent of current LED technology, the range of lighting approaches has been substantially broadened, while the cost of installation and maintenance has decreased. Even during the day, lighting beneath canopies may be a wonderful chance to enhance the experience by adding shine and pattern to the environment. Light levels and color temperature may be altered throughout the day, providing for a variety of eating environments ranging from informal to exquisite. Placement of lighting lumen output should be done with care to minimize glare or shadowing. Also, make sure that your lighting and ceiling fan arrangement are in sync to eliminate the strobing effect. Selecting the appropriate lighting for your location and exploring concealed light sources that illuminate the architecture without revealing the bulb are important considerations for avoiding insect attraction.


Customers’ loyalty will rise for restaurateurs who pay attention to the five pillars of effective outdoor dining operations. It is our goal to provide patrons with a functional, comfortable, and captivating experience that will engage all of their senses. An outside environment created as a consequence, along with excellent service and food quality, is a winning combination for any restaurant!

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