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ExerRing: The AI-Powered Smart Ring Revolutionizing Health Tracking on Kickstarter

  • ExerRing is a new smart ring on Kickstarter that uses AI and deep learning to track health metrics like heart rate, stress levels, body temperature, and sleep cycles, offering personalized fitness and wellness guidance through its ExerChain app.

The ExerRing is the newest smart ring to hit crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and promises to use AI and deep learning technology to provide accurate insight into your body and performance. Once on your finger, it can track everything from heart rate, stress levels, body temperature and sleep cycles; yet with several unusual features setting itself apart.

ExerRing smart rings will sync up with the Exerchain app on your phone, offering an AI coach who will encourage and inspire you to meet goals. They suggest when and at what intensity level to exercise as well as details on reducing stress levels and improving sleep based on personal preferences; meal plans might only become accessible upon meeting certain stretch goals during their Kickstarter campaign though!

The ExerRing is the latest smart ring to hit Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform and promises to use AI and deep learning for optimal insights into body performance and health. Once on your finger, this smart ring will track everything from heart rate, stress levels and body temperature changes as well as sleep quality; but its features stand it apart from competition.

ExerRing connects wirelessly to your phone via ExerChain app and features an AI coach to motivate and assist with meeting goals. It will suggest when and at what intensity level you should exercise, provide details on stress relief techniques that may work, as well as offer details for dealing with stress relief and improving sleep based on personal preference – though certain features such as meal plans will only unlock once ExerRing’s Kickstarter campaign passes certain stretch goals.

Estimations suggest the battery should last approximately four to six days on one charge, which is similar performance to that of Circular Ring Slim. Users have three color choices for their ring: black, silver or gold with sensors providing information such as your heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation level variability stress monitoring resting heart rate etc.

As is typical with Kickstarter campaigns, ExerRing prices vary accordingly. Starting with $119 as an “super early bird”, prices increase depending on when and how early backers purchase their ExerRing (varies with each stretch goal); ultimately this could reach anywhere from a subscription-style offering (i.e. when purchased outside Kickstarter/not reaching stretch goal) up until $159 depending on backer count / date purchased product etc.

If the campaign gets funded and remains on track then the ExerRing is scheduled to be delivered by September 2024. If you decide to back a Kickstarter campaign, keep in mind that there’s always the chance that the product will be delayed, or even not be launched in the first place, so you should take into consideration the expected timeline as well as the potential product’s design to alter and change in the course of time.

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