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Emerging Brands: The Art of Getting Noticed in a Competitive Market

Emerging Brands

“A great brand is a story that’s never completely told.” – Scott Bedbury. Being an emerging brand in today’s competitive market can feel a little overwhelming. The entire world is seemingly against you, with massive established brands hogging resources; how do you get noticed? What are the marketing and legal strategies that will give your new business an edge? By examining some popular emerging brands such as Hilma, Topicals, and Maude, individuals can take insights from their success stories and learn tips on how businesses like yours can stand out in a crowded room.

The Rapid Rise of Hilma, Topicals and Maude in 2023

In recent years, there has been a huge growth in the number of emerging brands that are setting up shop and vying for attention in today’s competitive market. One example is Hilma, a running shoe brand founded by marathon runner Brooke Torres, offering multi-dimensional sizing along with three different fits to accommodate any foot size or shape, Hilma aims to improve the shoe buying experience. To date, the company has raised $3 million, according to CB Insights and has seen 16,000 visits on their website. It comes as no surprise then why this brand is quickly growing its customer base and gaining momentum year after year. Another one worth mentioning would be Topicals – a skincare brand created by former medical policy maker Olamide Olowe.

Since 2020 when Topical was created, it tripled its revenue last year, also securing $10 million in Series A funding, led by CAVU Consumer Partners confirming further success as well as potential promising returns around consumer demand. Finally, to complete the list of emerging brands, there is also Maude, founded by Éva Goicochea in 2018 and endorsed since 2020 by actress Dakota Johnson who joined as an investor and co-creative director. Retail Dive highlights that this year they partnered with Sephora, which welcomed 20 products sold on their website including lubricants, devices and body and bath products – an achievement that led to a 42% revenue growth seen this February according to 4.7 million visits registered last month in its own website platform. 

Key Marketing Strategies for Emerging Brands in 2023

When it comes to emerging brands, the key marketing strategies for getting noticed are focused on understanding and resonating with your intended audience. This should include leveraging the power of content. Content is known to reign supreme when it comes to drawing in potential customers and increasing brand visibility. For instance, according to Wordstream (77%) of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their business outreach efforts. Additionally, on-site optimization will help ensure your brand’s online presence is competitively represented on major search engines such as Google or Bing. Finally, partnering up with existing established players can instantly provide authority. This could include potential distribution opportunities or endorsements from thought leaders who boast wider audiences than determined startups trying to break through competitor walls.

How Brands Can Attract and Retain Dedicated Customers

Offering exclusive benefits is a great way for an emerging brand to show appreciation for its loyal customers. states that providing special access or awards points recognizes these customers’ value and provides incentives for them to keep returning. Leveraging technology can also help develop consumer loyalty through tailored product experiences that are specifically designed with the user in mind. This approach not only builds long-term relationships but also allows smaller brands to gain greater recognition alongside more established competitors. New startups should also strive to gain insight from existing clients in order to improve product design or service offerings before they are released into the public domain. Using tools like blockchain makes it easier for businesses that work directly with their target audience to get feedback during crucial stages from conception up until completion.  

Legal Considerations Every Emerging Brand Should Be Aware Of

Legal regulations, contracts, and agreements are necessary for ensuring your company’s success in the long term. Here are some key points to consider when developing your business legally, as highlighted by Bassberry: The structure of your business should be determined by what best suits the needs of you and/or your investors. Different entities have their own individual legal and tax implications, so consulting with a lawyer or accountant is important to make sure that all aspects comply with the relevant laws. Once this is decided, the next question that arises is how long does it take to get an LLC? Well, this depends and varies from state to state, some states take a few days to issue an LLC, while others might take months. In addition, registering trademarks can protect unique logos or phrases associated with your brand from being copied or used without permission. 

Having written documents that define each party’s roles within a contractual relationship guards against any potential disputes arising down the road. These may include terms of agreements regarding confidentiality (non-disclosure agreements), rights reserved statements, copyright notices – anything that requires two parties to agree upon specific conditions. Lexology explains that employing workers raises issues of health, safety and wages – having clear policies and procedures in place is essential. Employers must comply with minimum wage laws as well as establishing methodologies for compensating overtime. Different states also have their own employment standards that businesses must adhere to. Failure to do so may incur fines or worse.

By being aware of the legal implications associated with emerging brands, companies can look forward to a strong foundation built upon trustworthiness and compliance. It’s important not just to protect any potential legal liability but cultivating an ethical brand identity, too — one that customers will remember long after they’ve interacted with you.

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