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eBay Has Deals on Items Holiday Shoppers Want Most

ebay 1paration for the busy holiday shopping season, eBay, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, conducted a nationwide survey to uncover what people plan to give, get and gift themselves this year. Today, eBay reveals its incredible deals on the season’s most inspiring items, based on the results of this new consumer research.

“Shoppers told us they are motivated by deals during the holidays, but they need to be the right deals,” said Christopher Payne, SVP of eBay North America. “eBay connects people with the things they need and love, wherever or however they choose to shop. Our depth of inventory enables us to deliver the season’s most coveted items at the right price, and our shopping experience offers choice, convenience and gift inspiration for our global community of 152 million active buyers.”

Deals in Demand: What Shoppers Want to Give, Get and “Self-Gift”

The majority of people (64%) agree it’s extremely important to get a good deal, and eBay works with its network of sellers around the world to provide more than 14,700 deals each day on the season’s must-haves. Currently, 80% of the merchandise on eBay is new, and 79% is available at a fixed price (Buy It Now). Toys rank among the gifts that consumers plan to give most this year, and eBay makes it easy to browse and buy the hottest toys of 2014. A new interactive holiday map shows the top three trending toys in each of the 50 states, and the “Dear Santa” collection provides gift ideas for boys and girls.

Nearly three-quarters of people (72%) rely on holiday sales or deals for shopping inspiration – whether they are checking people off their gift list, coming up with items for a wish list, or even picking up a few “presents” for themselves. To help shoppers get inspired and save, eBay offers holiday deals through its website and mobile app starting Tuesday, November 25, at 9:00 p.m. Pacific. The deals will refresh on a daily basis through December 9 and examples include:

– Thanksgiving Day: 50% off 60″ LG Plasma Smart 3D HDTV with 2 pairs of Active 3D Glasses

– Black Friday: 13% off Disney’s Frozen 2 Pack of Dolls with Olaf

– Black Friday: 50% off Keurig 2.0 K350 Brewing System with a Keurig Carafe

– Black Friday: 83% off Swarovski Zirconia 2 cttw Round Stud Earrings

– Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 25% off iTunes codes

– Cyber Monday: 38% off Nintendo Wii U Skylander console and Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Most Popular Gifts to Give
On average, people will buy gifts for 10 different people this year and spend $671 (total)
Most Popular Gifts to Get

Six in ten (60%) say shopping for others gives them ideas about what they want for themselves

Most Popular Gifts to Self-Gift

Half (50%) can envision themselves buying the same thing for themselves and as a gift for someone else

1. Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

2. Toys

3. Books

4. DVDs

5. Perfume or cologne

6. Scarves

7. Video Games

8. Gloves

9. An experience
(e.g., concert tickets)

10. Makeup

1. Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

2. Books

3. An experience
(e.g., concert tickets)

4. Perfume or cologne

5. Diamond earrings

6. Wearable tech

7. Handbag

8. Tablets

9. Kitchen Appliance

10. DVDs

1. Books

2. Makeup

3. Gloves

4. Sneakers

5. Perfume or cologne

6. DVDs

7. Scarf

8. Handbag

9. Smartphone

10. TV

Consumers Choose How to Shop, and How to Get Their Gifts

With most people (88%) planning to shop online this holiday season, and more than half (53%) planning to shop on a tablet, eBay’s deals and inventory are accessible, anytime, anywhere. Shoppers can also choose how they get their purchases – eBay partners with sellers and retailers to offer same-day and scheduled delivery, in-store pickup and shipping across the globe. Half of the items on eBay ship for free in the US and more than 500,000 items are available for in-store pickup in the US and UK.

Gift Inspiration for Everyone on Your List

Nearly six in ten (59%) think holiday shopping is exciting, and four in ten (40%) would be willing to take off at least two full days from work to finish their shopping this season. People can discover gift inspiration for anyone on their list with the help of eBay’s collections – groups of products that have been hand-selected from eBay’s 800 million listings. To date, nearly four million collections have been created by experts and members of the eBay community.

About eBay Marketplaces

eBay (Nasdaq:EBAY) is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, connecting people with the things they need and love virtually anytime, anywhere. eBay has 152 million active buyers globally and more than 800 million live individual and merchant listings at any given time. With mobile apps available in 190 countries, eBay delivers a personalized shopping experience and seamless access to inventory from down the street and around the world. Tailored shopping experiences customize buying and selling; and eBay provides variety and choice for sellers by enabling them to offer goods through online, mobile and local channels to consumers around the world.

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