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Downloading Betting Apps VS Mobile Browser Betting: What To Choose In 2022

Betting Apps

Wager on sports on the go with the best online betting apps in India and enjoy the possibility to gamble from any place and at any moment

Betting Apps VS Mobile Browser Betting

With all the certainty it can be stated that the newest and best-developed way to wager on sports is wagering via specially designed online betting applications. It is a fun and secure way to bet on sports and will provide you only with the most positive experience you can get from sports betting.

Do All Sportsbooks Offer Betting Apps

Not all of the bookmakers are developing apps that can be installed on a smartphone at a blink of an eye. Only the finest bookmakers realize the need in developing such applications. They are completely aware that the situation has changed drastically due to a huge demand for a reliable and easy method that can allow betting on sports on the go. With the help of the best betting apps in India, you can earn huge winnings when you commute.

Mobile Browser VS Dedicated Apps For Sports Betting

There are two ways with the help of which you can wager on sports via a mobile gadget. The first one is when you simply use a sportsbook’s site via the browser. On the other hand, there is a possibility of installing a betting app that will be highly compatible with your device and smoothly function anytime and anywhere. These two options have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out the pros and cons of both methods and describe them in more detail to figure out which method is the best one.

Mobile Browser
Pros Cons
No requirements to the operating system Not the best quality of graphics
A lot of bookmakers’ sites adapt to smaller screens Not all betting sites are adaptable
All the games that are available on the sites via PC will be available through your phone  Limited functionality of certain features
Doesn’t require any updates  
Dedicated betting apps in India
Pros Cons
Highly adaptable to any size of the portable device screen The selection of games may be limited in some cases
All the functions work smoothly via an app Requires updates
Convenient highly operable user-friendly interface Occupies extra space on your phone
The highest quality of graphics that is possible on your device
Pleasant thought-through design
Access to the same features and games that are available on sites
A lot of specially created bonuses and promotions for app users like a no deposit welcome bonus, etc.

Taking into account all the factors we can come to the conclusion that a developed application for a mobile device is definitely a better choice because of the higher convenience and adaptability. It is more user-friendly compared to a website as it contains all the technical features that allows an app to better function on a tablet or phone. Moreover, the presence of special bonuses for the best betting apps users is a serious encouraging factor that can’t be ignored when choosing between dedicated apps and mobile browsers.

How To Download A Betting App

There is nothing easier than downloading betting sports apps on the supported devices. Follow the steps below and bet on many sports types like horse racing, box, football, cricket, etc.

  1. Click on the link that you can find in the post above. It will take you to the list of the most trusted sportsbooks that offer the best betting apps in India.
  2. Choose one of the applications and download it to your device.
  3. To install the APK navigate Settings and select Apps. Click on the menu icon where you will need to select Special access. Click on Enable installation from unknown sources/Install unknown apps.  Choose the online betting app you want to install and turn Allow installation from the source on the “On” mode.
  4. Sign up and claim your welcome bonus. It can come in different formats depending on a bookmaker, like free bets or bonus money. The free money or bets will appear on your bonus account.
  5. Start placing bets using the bankroll of your own and bonus funds.


Placing bets via a mobile gadget has plenty of benefits among which the most obvious are the convenience and instant access to sports events wherever you are. Get advantage of the specially designed app features that will fit any gadget. The ease with which you can download and install betting sports apps impresses. And when an app is already on your phone or tablet you will quickly get used to it and will not imagine using any other way to place bets. With the applications, you will get excellent quality graphics, smooth and fast functionality, plenty of betting options, and many more. Use a licensed and trustworthy Indian betting app which is the best option to wager in India.

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