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Discover Love at First Sip this Valentine’s Day with a Limited Edition Tea from Teavana


Do you remember your first crush or your first blush? This Valentine’s Day, Teavana is offering a limited edition tea that might remind customers of those special moments.

First Blush tea is a poetic pairing of hand-picked and hand-rolled Jasmine green tea blended with floral orchid oolong complemented by luscious strawberries, crisp rhubarb and effervescent undertones of bubbly rosé.

“We are passionate about sharing tea as a new way to savor the moment and ignite the senses,” said Naoko Tsunoda, director of tea development for Teavana. “This Valentine’s Day, we want customers to impress their loved ones with a tea ritual that brings to life the vibrant and exotic flavors of Teavana® tea.”

Complete a Valentine’s Day gift with a limited edition Love Tin, Teavana’s Signature Red Angle Mug, and heart-emblazoned gift bag. First Blush tea and gifts are available in all Teavana® Stores and online at

Teavana has also created a Strawberry Blush Rosé recipe to help spark an evening of delicious romance on Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry Blush Rosé with Sparkling Wine  

In a 32oz. Perfecta Maker, add 1/2 cup of Perfecta PerfecTea Rock sugar (or sweetener of choice)

 Fill 3/4 way with hot water just off the boil

 Stir to dissolve sugar

Add 1 cup of Strawberry Blush Rosé tea

Top off Perfecta Maker with hot water just off the boil

Steep for 3 minutes

Strain brewed tea over a 64 fl. oz. Teavana Iced Tea Pitcher filled with ice

Garnish 8 Champagne flutes with strawberries, cut in 1/2 lengthwise with stems still attached

Add 3 oz. Sparkling Rosé [750ml bottle] to each Champagne flute

Top off with 3 oz. of iced Strawberry Blush Rosé tea

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