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Debunking the Top 5 Myths that Players Have about Online Slots

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Online slots have been attracting people since their inception. Who doesn’t dream of winning a huge sum in these exciting gambling games? The desire to constantly win in the slots provokes the emergence of myths that are very dangerous for the players. If inexperienced gamblers follow any of the ineffective tips, they can lose money. Therefore, below, we are going to debunk the 5 most popular and most harmful myths about online slots for real money.

Myth 1: Slots Can Be Set Up so that the Player Always Loses

Many players think that best online slots for canadians have hidden settings that only the casino can access. It seems to them that these settings can be changed if a player suddenly starts winning too much and it becomes unprofitable for the casino. This perception leads to distrust on the part of the players in online casino slots. They feel that the casino is to blame for the losses, and they become disillusioned with gambling.


In reality, slot settings are made at the design stage. And it is the developer, not the casino where the game is presented, who sets up the slot. The development involves programming a random number generator. This is a computer program that determines what the outcome of a particular spin will be.

This generator can not be influenced from the outside. Even the casino itself can not do it. All modern online slots in Canada operate on their basis and can not be tampered with. If a player doesn’t win, it’s just a chance, not a worldwide conspiracy.

Myth 2: Slots Can Be «Hot» And «Cold»

This common misconception does a lot of harm to players. Its meaning is as follows: if a slot doesn’t pay out winnings for a long time, it has become «cold» and needs a little more play to «warm it up».

The idea that a payout is imminent causes players to bounce back, go over their limits, and use more money than they originally planned.

Because of this, people also believe that after a big loss casino slots online are bound to give out a big win.


We go back to the random number generator and remember that it produces results at random. There is no pattern to them. The computer cannot remember what the winnings were in the previous spin and produce a different result based on this analysis. The outcome of a spin can be anything, and there are no «hot» and «cold» slots. That’s it, the myth is debunked!

Myth 3: The Probability of Winning Depends on the Bet

Among those who prefer to play slots online for real money, this myth is quite common. Players think that the winnings depend on the bet. There are many reasons for this:

  • often, after a long period of bad luck, players bet more heavily in the hope of getting even, and when they win, they attribute it to a change in the bet;
  • winning from a big bet is bigger, it brings more vivid emotions, so such winnings are more often remembered;
  • high rollers often talk about how they made a big bet at online slots and win real money, which confirms the myth.

In this way, it can indeed create the illusion that winning at a casino is only possible by using big bets.


Betting simply can’t affect the outcome of a spin, because the computer running the slot is incapable of estimating your bet. It can calculate your winnings using a simple formula that it is programmed to use. Depending on the amount, new animations and notifications, such as «Big Win», may appear in the slot. But this information is in no way used by the computer to determine the next spins.

In addition, John Heywood made it into the Guinness Book of World Records when he won €17.8 million after playing the slot for just 7 minutes for a total of €30. Is it safe to say that he made a big bet?

Myth 4: Bonus Games Have Defined Outcomes

Almost all online slots in Canada for real money have bonus rounds. This can be a risk game where you have to guess the color of the card, a respin, or a free spin round. Many players believe that the outcome of these rounds is always predetermined by the casino and set up so that the player does not win.


This is simply not true, because there are plenty of examples where the bonus game ends in a huge win for the player. The bonus round works on the same principle as the regular game. It means that the outcome is determined randomly in the best online slots.

Myth 5: Results in Online Slots Are Cyclical

Many players believe that you can watch a slot for a while and figure out the pattern with which the winnings roll out. This, too, is a rather harmful myth. When a player is confident that they have «hacked» the slot and can predict the outcome, they are willing to bet more and make more risky moves.


Players who have been observing slot results for a long time can indeed find a certain pattern of bonus symbols or rounds. But not because that’s how slots work, but for a simple psychological reason. Everyone tends to look for confirmation of what they believe in.

It is worth repeating that all Canadian slots online are based on a generator that produces results based on the theory of probability. It is impossible to calculate them ahead of time, notice them, or fix them.

Which Online Casino Has the Best Online Slots in Canada?

Want to see for yourself that these myths are untrue and enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable game? Then you should visit King Billy. The site features the best online slots in Canada that operate honestly and are provided by world-known manufacturers. Choose a trusted casino and play Canadian online slots for fun and real money!

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