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DealDash wins an International Award at the 9th edition of Global Brands Magazine Awards

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DealDash, a prominent auction site, has won the “Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service, United States” for 2021. The felicitation ceremony will be held at the Palm Jumeirah – Waldorf Astoria in early 2022 in Dubai.

The Global Brand Awards is an annual event held by Global Brands Magazine (GBM), an international publication headquartered in the UK. The award aims to recognise global brands achieving excellence in performance across a broad range of sectors while keeping its readers updated on key trends surrounding the branding world. DealDash was evaluated based on customer service, satisfaction, digital innovation, strategic relationships and new business development.

Shiv Kumar (CEO of Global Brands magazine) commented, “We had quite a few contenders for the Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service award, and it wasn’t an easy decision, but after much consideration, DealDash was the best candidate. DealDash is a frontrunner in perfecting the gamification model and building a stellar reputation for customer service, distinguishing it from its peers.”

Commenting on winning the award, Pasi Lohi (CEO) said, “This award is validation that the work we do has true value. While the award is for ‘Inventory Liquidation’, we see it as recognition of an amazing customer experience, which starts with our suppliers throughout the country, extends to our partners across the globe, and provides great savings to our end customers. This collaboration keeps our customers satisfied, our business partners happy, and our stakeholders smiling.”

About DealDash

DealDash is the longest-running and most trusted pay-to-bid auction site on the internet. DealDash’s vision is to create a world where no customer, or inventory, gets left behind.

Since 2009 DealDash has helped millions of Americans save money when buying products, they know and love. DealDash achieves this by forming strong relationships with its suppliers, producers, and customers.

DealDash auctions brand new products every day in fast-paced, no-reserve online auctions. These unique auctions help customers save 90% (and beyond) on their purchases. The savings are enabled by partnering directly with brands and manufacturers to help them move excess inventory. DealDash has a constantly growing network of suppliers across the US and around the globe who love working with DealDash to liquidate products from their overstocked warehouses.

About Global Brands Magazine (England)

Global Brands Magazine (GBM) has been at the forefront, bringing news, views and opinions on brands shaping the future of their industry. The UK-based magazine provides its readers with the latest news and information on ‘best-in-class brands across the globe. Each year, GBM develops a series of awards for companies that stand out, having a unique vision, exceptional service, innovative solutions and consumer-centric products among their industry leaders.

About Global Brand Awards

Global Brand Awards honours brands for their excellence in performance and rewards companies across different sectors for the quality of their services. The Brand Awards highlight the accomplishments of organisations that have performed remarkably well in finance, education, hospitality, automotive, lifestyle, education, real estate, technology, and more. Global Brand Awards recognise vital players who progress towards excellence by providing a platform to acknowledge their efforts. In addition, GBM strives to create awareness concerning the significance of such organisations and rewards them for their notable efforts with the ultimate global recognition.

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