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Data Centre & Analytics Lab – A New Initiative by IIMB

The Data Centre & Analytics Lab (DCAL) is a centre of excellence set up by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in the year 2012. IIMB is the first institution in the country to venture into analytics training in 2010. Housed at IIMB campus, DCAL is a dedicated research and training lab to support interdisciplinary empirical research using data on Indian and other emerging markets.

DCAL is a three point platform – a data warehouse, a developer of analytical solutions and ananalytics training hub.We are one of the pioneers to focus research on advanced data science, Business analytics and Intelligence.

What do we do?

We collect, process and model data to bring out innovative solution to be consumed by researchers and practitioners. Our corporate collaborators benefit from the ground-breaking solutions we provide to business problems.Researches get access to an extensive and most comprehensive collection of local and global data. Our short-term and long-term training programmes on analytics equip employees with ability to analyze and act on the data in real time.

DCAL aims to simplify decision making in this era of growing volumes and varieties of data.Organizations today are data rich but information poor. Our analytical solutions coupled with statistical models will act like a lever to propel growth and bring a change in the way organizational activities are executed. DCAL helps aggregate data and enhances the ability of organizations to gain insights out of all this data.

Lecture Hall 1

Lecture Hall 1



Lecture Hall 2

Corporate Collaboration

We at DCAL help business to get a clear view of business data. IIMB’s core team of business consultants and data scientists come together to provide an end-to-end analytics solution. This unique combination of business and data modeling expertise sets us apart.

We can offer an objective insight on any business problem. Our analytics reports will not just help one to identify the problem areas but also bring out the root causes of those problems.We are talking about problems that may not be readily apparent to the naked eye. We use data aggregation and mining to tell you what has happened and why it happened, our statistical models will tell you what could happen and our optimization algorithms will advise on what one should do. We can handle volume, variety and velocity to throw out actionable insights.

Our proven methodology provide the foundation for data backed decision making and helpsto stay ahead of the game. We like to call it the ‘Data Focused Decision’.We can help deploy analytics solution and promote an evidence based decision making culture. Be it big data, difficult data or dark data, DCAL has the expertise.

We have worked with companies in various sectors and of different sizes. We have assisted organizations in using analytics of all varieties on a broad cross-section. Working side-by-side with corporates, we partner with many government agencies as well as not-for-profit organizations in solving real-world problems.DCAL has engaged with many corporates for both short-term and long-term research. A shared research vision is the driving force behind the successful partnerships.

The team of DCAL has the spread as well as the depth across all the four types of analytics. A data focused decision is apt when a company successfully leverages across all areas of analytics.

Our Decision Scientists

Our team of decision scientists excel at drawing information from not just structured but unstructured and non-traditional data. Their knowledge coupled with real-life experience makes them an invaluable tool to find meaning in the chaos of data. DCAL’s quantitative horsepower and business domain expertise are unparalleled in providing context driven and customized solutions.


Dinesh Kumar, Chairperson of DCAL has been recognized as one of the Top 10 most prominent analyticsacademicians in India for his extensive research in big data analysis by Analytics India Magazine.The magazine chose Professor Kumar for spearheading the analytics education industry in India.Professor Kumar regularly conducts corporate training programme in Analytics and has trained more than 1600 professionals in the field of analytics in the last 9 years. Prof. Kumar is the Chairperson of Decision Sciences and Information Systems Area and also Chairperson of Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management of IIMB. He is also the president of the Analytics Society of India (ASI).

Research and Publication

Several case studies are developed by DCAL team with a view to facilitate research, teaching and training. Most of these cases are published and distributed through Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) and Richard Ivey School of Business (IVEY) and other platforms. Until date, about 100+ cases developed by IIMB team have been distributed through various platforms. DCAL has been one of the major contributors to this number and has published 25 case studies at HBP. These case studies educate managers and students not just in India but in nearly 50 countries across the world.50,000+ copies have been sold in 2016. Among the top-selling cases is DCAL’s ‘1920 Evil Returns: Bollywood and Social Media Marketing’.

Spreading Analytics Awareness

  • Analytics Masterclass Series

The Analytics Masterclass Series is a one-of-its-kind initiative of DCAL for academicians and practitioners to share the applications of Analytics and Big Data in various disciplines of management. The masterclass sees domain experts discuss on how analytics and big data can be used for solving domain and sector specific problems. The masterclass provides insights on how business analytics tools are extensively used in various industry verticals. The masterclass invites participation from who’s who in the analytics domain discussing on challenges and current trends. Two masterclass were orgainized in 2016 on HR Analytics and Retail Analytics. A masterclass on Helathcare Analytics is scheduled for March 2017.


Analytics Masterclass

  • Annual analytics Conference

DCAL organizes an annual international conference alternating between Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. It partners with Analytics Society of India (ASI) and Operational Research Society of India-Bangalore Chapter (ORSI-BC).The aim of the conference is to create a platform and facilitate knowledge sharing on advanced data analysis, business analytics, big data and business intelligence for academicians, practitioners and researchers.The conference features demonstration of real world applications of business analytics and business intelligence presented by academics and practitioners.

The three day conference sees participation of more than 600 delegates from academics and industry. The previous conference saw 500+ research papers being submitted covering different dimensions of advanced data analysis, business analytics, big data and business intelligence. Best papers are awarded certificates and cash prizes as a token of appreciation.


Analytics Conference

  • FDP & MDP

The objective of the Management Development and Faculty Development programs is to provide the participants with a hands-on experience on analytical tools and techniques. These programs are hosted at sponsoring organizations and are driven by professionals with a rich experience in analytics domain.

  • Symposium

DCAL organizes an annual two day symposium.As a part of the Symposium, working professionals and students from our programme in Business Analytics and Intelligence (BAI) present their projects in the analytics domain. These projects have been undertaken in collaboration with various organizations on real-life problem/data. This symposium is an apt platform to understand applications of Analytics and Big Data in various disciplines of management and how they are being used for solving domain and sector specific problems.

Analytics Symposium

Analytics Symposium

  • Workshop

DCAL regularly hosts workshops on emerging areas in analytics. Recently two workshops on R and Big data were hosted which invited participants from many corporate professionals.

Analytics Education

DCAL, IIMB was one of the first education institute in the country to offer a regular long-term certification program on Business Analytics & Intelligence. Started in the year 2010 the BAI program is one of the most sought after program in Analytics and has been ranked among the top by many rating agencies. This flagship program of DCAL has a selection rate of 1 in 11 today and will admit the 8th batch in 2017.

The year 2016 saw DCAL launching a specific program on Big Data. The Big Data Analytics certification program is a runaway success with the first batch.

Along with the two long-duration programmes, DCAL regularly conducts short-duration programs covering specific areas in Analytics.

DCAL also conducts customized training programmes for various corporates both on and off campus. These programmes are tailor-made to suit the company’s requirements.

Analytics session

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