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Cydar Medical and MarinHealth Forge Alliance to Enhance Aortic Care with AI Technology

Cydar Medical
  • Cydar Medical partners with MarinHealth to implement AI-powered Cydar Maps for improved, safer, and more efficient minimally invasive endovascular surgeries.
  • The collaboration aims to enhance patient outcomes by reducing procedure time, radiation exposure, and contrast agent use, while improving intraoperative imaging and long-term patient follow-up.

Cydar Medical, an industry leader in artificial intelligence-powered software solutions that optimize minimally invasive image-guided endovascular surgery outcomes, announces an alliance with MarinHealth – an esteemed healthcare enterprise with deep roots throughout Northern California.

Cydar Maps, an innovative AI-powered solution enabling clinicians to generate intricate patient-specific 3D maps for procedure planning, IGN navigation and post operative review is set to become part of their care journey with revolutionary results. Cydar Maps will revolutionize visualization during treatment while augmenting surgeon decision making throughout their care pathway.

Studies conducted independently demonstrate how Cydar Maps significantly decreases procedure time, radiation exposure to both patients and clinical teams alike, increases imaging during surgery with less contrast agent volume being administered during procedures – all making for safer and more cost effective solutions for both.

“We are excited to bring Cydar Maps to MarinHealth. Cydar’s AI-based solution will enable us to improve patient care. The advances in real-time intraoperative image guidance will allow us to treat aortic aneurysms more effectively and in a safer environment. Reductions in operating time, contrast volume, and radiation exposure are of huge benefit to the patient and the OR team. We look forward to using advanced tools such as the Automatic Aortic Volume Assessment tool, which will empower us to improve our patient follow-up. Tracking aneurysm volume over time in this robust manner will enable us to improve the long-term outcomes of our patients,” commented Allan Conway, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, UCSF and MarinHealth.

“We look forward to realizing the benefits of Cydar Maps, empowering our physicians to make more informed decisions that can positively impact patient outcomes,” commented David Klein, MD, CEO of MarinHealth. “This collaboration is part of MarinHealth’s ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and technology while providing our community access to the best treatment options available.”

“The partnership with MarinHealth is a stride forward for Cydar Medical. It reflects our dedication to enhancing surgical precision and efficiency through AI-driven solutions. We are proud to collaborate with MarinHealth and support their commitment to providing exceptional patient care,” said Paul Mussenden, CEO at Cydar Medical.

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