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Customers Drive Australia’s New Digital Experience

More than 16,000 customers have helped ING Direct Australia to undertake one of the biggest projects in their history, the launch of a new website.

Asking customers to have a say in their new platform has resulted in the new site being given a four-star out of five rating by users.

Australia’s Executive Director of Customer Delivery Lisa Claes, said an ‘army of volunteers’ were involved in the project providing continuous feedback.

“Customers used a test site, attended focus groups, acted as prototype testers and even allowed developers into their homes to understand their preferences when interacting with their bank,” she said.
“Customer volunteers were instrumental in ensuring that the Bank built a digital platform that was simple, personalised and easy to use to meet their financial needs.”
Ms Claes said one of the design challenges was to ensure both the customer experience and functionality were seamless across all digital channels.
“Customers also made it clear they want to understand their financial position immediately and see their accounts and balances in real-time.”
One new feature of the new digital platform is the use of advanced data analytics. Transaction and online data (together with existing customer data and unique behavioural insights) are used to personalise offers.Such a move is not only benefits the customer, but could also result in the Bank spending less money on direct marketing campaigns because the new site will tailor itself to the customer based on what is relevant to them rather than relying on blanket marketing and advertising.

Ms Claes said we must be able to interact with customers when and how they want us to.

“Customers expect us to use their data to make their banking easier and to make sure they are getting the best offers at the right time.”

“People don’t want to be challenged by something as routine as banking and as a business we need to be as efficient and relevant as possible. This project has given us the platform for both,” she said.
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