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Cryptocurrency Stars: The Best 4 Altcoins In 2023


Cryptocurrency and blockchain are thriving, despite the 2022 market cap crash. You can see the value in crypto by assessing the number of altcoins, which either rise or fail miserably. Over the last couple of years, there’s been a boom in non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies (altcoins), with many of them attached to outstanding projects built over layer1 blockchains. As 2022 is coming to a close, we take a look at the best altcoins to buy in 2023.


If you asked anyone in 2013 whether Dogecoin would still be around in 2023, they’d have told you where to go. However, we’re almost in 2023, and Dogecoin is attached to one of the best new blockchain games: Tamagode. The game runs on the native coin TAMA, which is used to buy new pets and take care of creatures.

During the presale, TAMA tokens were sold at the low price of $0.01, which bought in an admirable $19 million. The first exchange to list TAMA was and the value soon increased to $0.19 but has since corrected to a more reasonable $0.029. The game still has plenty of new features on the way, meaning an investment in TAMA will likely pay off in 2023.


Calvaria is a play-to-earn game that’s currently in presale, but it’s seen enormous interest so far. Calvaria has already raised $10.6 million and it’s only in the fourth stage of the presale. The game is built around trading cards, which are depicted as stunning NFTs using a 3D engine. If you enjoy Magic: The Gathering Arena, you’ll love the artwork on these cards

There are two different modes in Calvaria including P2E and free-to-play (F2P), which allows players to upgrade NFTs, in-game commissions, and tournaments. The cost of RIA, the native Calvaria token, costs only $0.25 to buy, meaning people with the smallest budgets can get involved.


The world has become much more conscious of its carbon footprint, with many governments and businesses pushing toward sustainability. To this end, the carbon emission-reducing IMPT project will thrive in 2023. In the space of three weeks, the IMPT phase 1 presale raised a staggering $11 million.

IMPT has formed partnerships with global giants including Microsoft and Amazon, which have set aside a portion of their profit to support sustainability efforts. Through the IMPT retail platform, buyers will be rewarded with IMPT tokens.


When it comes to market cap, Ethereum is the largest altcoin and it’ll take a miracle to see it knocked off its pedestal – but it’s not impossible. After facing issues surrounding high gas prices, Ethereum transitioned its transaction processing to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) in 2022, which is said to have made the blockchain 99.9% more energy efficient. In October 2022, ETH increased in value by around 20%, indicating a worthwhile investment for 2023.

Bitcoin isn’t the only worthwhile cryptocurrency out there, and the four listed above barely scratch the surface. If you’re looking for serious crypto gains, search for new projects with high prospects.

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