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British Creative Industries to Explore New Partnership Opportunities with China

Shenzhen presents developments, industrial advantages and opportunities to the UK fashion industry

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, China is exploring opportunities to deepen trade ties post-Brexit. The city of Shenzhen, home to a booming creative industry, is making specific moves to build partnerships with the UK fashion industry, with the Shenzhen Council for the Promotion of International Trade holding an inaugural fashion show as part of London Fashion Week.

Shenzhen, located north of Hong Kong, boasts a strategic geographic advantage and a booming economy that is home to 2,800 garment companies and 1,000 clothing brands that employ over 300,000 people. Shenzhen represents over 60 per cent of the market in China’s clothing industry, with underwear production alone garnering annual output value of $5.6 billion. It is also the largest production base for global eyewear brands, as well as hosting a nearly £17 billion jewellery industry.



Despite the economic uncertainty of Brexit, the UK fashion industry is still holding its status as an international destination. The Shenzhen Council’s fashion show at London Fashion Week explored the theme of ‘Integration, Innovation, Sharing and Development’, presenting high-quality products from seven of Shenzhen’s major fashion industries. The show aimed to promote cultural interaction and economic cooperation between China and the UK.


The Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Council for Promotion of International Trade, Guo Jingwei, shared to a crowd of British industry professionals and trade partners the investment environment, industrial advantages and partnership opportunities for Britain and Shenzhen.

Rene Celestin, former Victoria’s Secret Creative Director, also presented a keynote speech on achieving strategic partnerships between Chinese and British enterprises.

As consumer confidence declines, it is time for Britain to prioritise post-Brexit trade deals and form better partnerships. Britain’s creativity and experience in the international fashion industry complements China’s efficiency and market capabilities. Together, these strengths will create the perfect ‘Belt and Road’ structure to broaden trade opportunities and re-embrace the ‘golden-era’ of Sino-British relations.

With an integrated strategy between Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau (the Greater Bay area) to improve international links, the aspirations of Shenzhen’s fashion industry to access the global market have increased. Shenzhen’s creative industry has become the city’s strength and has accelerated the export of fashion to international and domestic markets.

Shenzhen’s fashion industry is well-known for its innovation and quality, taking the lead in the era of intelligent manufacturing. After years of development, Shenzhen is in a leading position not only in China, but has also attracted a number of world-renowned enterprises to enter the market.

Bringing Britain and China closer together will encourage growth prospects in fields such as technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and the creative industries. As Shenzhen continues to grow and transform, The Shenzhen Council for the Promotion of International Trade is confident that partnerships with the UK will stimulate innovation, brand-building and international expansion.


Romana Shah

Senior Account Executive

Flame Public Relations

Direct line: +44 (0)203 357 9745


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