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Breaking News: B2Prime Acquires a Security Dealer License in Seychelles, Expanding Global Operations


B2B Prime Services SC Ltd, a multi-asset Prime of Prime liquidity provider, has achieved another significant regulatory milestone by obtaining a security dealer license in Seychelles. This marks the third license for B2Prime, following those in Cyprus and Mauritius. These jurisdictions serve as key hubs with a high concentration of brokers, and B2Prime is dedicated to serving regulated market participants not only in these locations but also throughout Europe. This latest license underscores B2Prime’s commitment to providing trusted and compliant services to its global client base.

Seychelles, recognised as a crucial hub for brokers, provides B2Prime with a strategic platform to distribute liquidity locally across all regulated companies. 

The newly acquired security dealer license enables the B2Prime group to engage in crucial financial activities, such as negotiating and entering agreements for acquiring, disposing of, subscribing for, or underwriting securities. Additionally, it allows to manage securities transactions, handle sales, and manage portfolios of securities on behalf of the clients.

This significant development will greatly enhance the ability to operate efficiently within global markets, backed by a robust legal framework to offer these services under the strict regulatory oversight of the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (SFSA).

Importance of Seychelles License for B2Prime Clients

Seychelles is becoming an attractive location for brokerages, thanks to its strategic placement between Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and its supportive financial climate. With 182 brokers already registered in Seychelles, there is a clear need for a local liquidity partner that can streamline operations and offer advanced financial and technology solutions. 

In response to this demand, B2Prime has strategically expanded its presence by acquiring a security dealer license from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (SFSA), the regulatory body responsible for the licensing and supervision of financial service providers, including security dealers.  

This development eliminates the need for local companies to seek out or connect with liquidity providers in distant financial hubs. Instead, they can directly access B2Prime’s extensive Prime of Prime level liquidity. 

B2Prime offers over 225 instruments across six asset classes in CFDs, including FOREX, Cryptos, Spot Indices, Precious Metals, Commodities, and NDFs, all through a single margin account. B2Prime clients benefit from deep liquidity pools sourced from Tier-1 providers, which ensure tight spreads and ultra-fast execution. Connectivity options, including OneZero, PXM, Centroid, T4B, FIX API, and cTrader, further facilitate seamless integration and efficiency.

“Establishing our operations in Seychelles opens doors to our Prime of Prime liquidity and enhanced service levels for local brokers, hedge funds, money managers, institutional clients, and liquidity providers. This step forward aligns perfectly with our goal of providing top-tier financial services worldwide and  enables us to offer even greater reliability and seize new opportunities in global markets.”

– Eugenia Mykulyak, Founder & Executive Director of B2Prime

Robust Financial Performance and Future Outlook

Following the strategic initiatives, B2Prime has recently disclosed the financial results for its parent company, B2B Prime Services EU, which highlights robust financial growth in the first quarter of 2024. Total assets in Cyprus surged to €28,969,690.98, a 40.32% increase from the previous year. Client assets held for trading also increased by 47.6% to €26,840,460.11.

In the same period, the shareholders’ equity rose by 8%, with year-on-year comparisons showing a 68% growth in total assets and a 64% increase in client assets held for trading. Notably, shareholders’ equity experienced an impressive 289% surge. Regulatory Capital Adequacy dramatically improved, too, with B2Prime’s own funds soaring nearly 600% from €503,000 to €2,728,000, far exceeding regulatory minimums with CET1 and Tier 1 ratios significantly above the required standards.

These figures highlight a strong balance sheet and show B2Prime’s ongoing devotion to growth and reliability. Soon, the company will also disclose the fiscal report for B2Prime Mauritius, which will further validate its position as a credible and reliable service provider to clients worldwide.

Final Remarks

B2Prime has been actively expanding its global footprint since its establishment in Cyprus in 2020 and Mauritius in 2023. The ongoing strategy aims to position B2Prime as a trusted partner in key financial jurisdictions worldwide. The recent acquisition of a security dealer license in Seychelles is a continuation of these efforts to offer Prime of Prime financial services and exclusive tools to local businesses in Seychelles, enhancing their capabilities and potential to succeed in the global marketplace.

The company is thrilled to start operating as a trusted liquidity provider in Seychelles and partner with local businesses! 

Reach out today for market-leading liquidity solutions!

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