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Brand Reputation Protection: Preventing Website Impersonation in Real Time with Memcyco

Website impersonation has emerged as a major threat to online businesses in recent years. Also known as brandjacking, website impersonation is when a malicious actor clones a brand’s website with the intention of tricking their customers into “doing business” with the site, ultimately stealing their financial credentials and gaining access to their personal accounts.

Brandjacking is a serious problem for organizations, posing major financial and reputational risks to themselves and more importantly, their customers.

Memcyco, a Tel Aviv-based website impersonation prevention platform, has developed a technology specifically designed to combat brandjacking, in real time. This article will review Memcyco’s brandjacking solution, giving a detailed breakdown of their offering.

Real-time brandjacking detection and prevention with PoSA™

Memcyco offers a trademarked solution called the Proof of Source Authenticity (PoSA™) suite, which affords zero-day protection and real-time detection functions, enabling brands to prevent hijacking attempts of their website.

PoSA™ detects incoming attacks on customers and alerts the brand immediately, providing the date and URL of the attacked domain. It also shows the username of the customer who is being targeted.

Dedected impersonation

Image source: Memcyco

PoSA™ also raises alerts over attempts to copy a brand’s website. It detects website code reconnaissance and provides the corresponding notification. The alert shows the date of detection along with the IP address of the device used to perform code recon.

Dedected Website Code

Image source: Memcyco

Image source: Memcyco

PoSA™ alerts customers if they visit an imposter website, sending a warning, as shown below.


Image source: Memcyco

PoSA™ Digital Watermark

Brand websites protected by PoSA™ will display a digital watermark to prove the site’s authenticity to customers.

Website Authenticity

Image source: Memcyco

Each watermark includes an automatically generated code, which can be personalized by customers to something they can easily recall. Customers can also modify the logo of the watermark, as shown below.


Image source: Memcyco

What if an imposter site also has a digital watermark?

According to Memcyco, the PoSA™ digital watermark is impossible to forge.

Easy-to-implement solution for brands that also protects customers

PoSA™ also provides back-end tools for businesses to monitor and protect their digital assets against brand impersonation in real time, as detailed in the image below.


Image source: Memcyco

PoSA™ is the only website impersonation solution currently available that provides real-time alerts to both brands and customers. It is an agentless solution, which means that it does not require brands or customers to install apps or software on their devices. To use it, brands simply insert a few lines of code into their website. There are no complex configuration procedures to undertake.

In summary, Memcyco’s brandjacking solution is a proactive approach wherein brands can protect their customers in real time while preventing potential brand reputational damage.

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