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Bison Bank: Bison Bank launches its VISA Bison Card

Visa Bison Card

Bison Bank, S.A. is a Portuguese bank, particularly focused on providing a wide and specialized range of Wealth Management, Depositary and Custody Banking, and Investment Banking services to individual and institutional clients, leveraging a strategic connection between the European market and other global markets. The bank is headquartered in Lisbon and drives the development of its business activities with global reach, through its strong presence in Europe, as well as through its international partners.

Bison Bank has been growing every day, not only to better service your customers’ needs but to go beyond their expectations.

That is why we launched VISA Bison Card® in partnership with Visa and developed with Pecunia, designed for everyday spending, and built to bridge the gap between our customers’ digital life and their real-world needs, wherever they are.

The Bison Card is fast, easy, and convenient – our customers can access their funds, use it in their preferred digital wallets, withdraw cash and make purchases at millions of locations worldwide that accept Visa.

The card allows for highly personalized usage, supporting up to 15 additional cards that can be assigned to family members, friends, or any other individuals specified by the cardholder. Additional features include interchangeable expense control managed by the cardholder, with daily, weekly, or monthly limits, among other convenience features.

Designed for Bison customers, the card benefits from the global reach of the Visa network, which enables payments at more than 130 million locations worldwide and connects more than 14,500 financial institutions and fintechs in more than 200 countries and territories.

Given these facts, we deem to provide our customers with a multitude of benefits, including convenience, security, and global acceptance. Including features such as detailed transaction tracking and access to emergency funds, our card is a versatile tool for effectively managing finances. In addition, the Bison Card serves as an essential financial instrument for individuals, offering a simple and efficient way to access funds and make purchases both locally and internationally.

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