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B12 Shots May Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Vitamin B12

B12 Injections – What Are They?

Vitamin B12, otherwise known as cobalamin, is essential to several of our day-to-day bodily processes such as helping to make our body’s DNA and red blood cells. However, unlike other vitamins our body naturally needs, B12 is not naturally produced within our bodies, meaning we need to find sources of it externally. Many individuals typically receive sufficient levels of B12 through the foods they eat, with a primary focus on animal-based products. Animal-based products are extremely rich in vitamin B12 and are a great way to ensure you’re maintaining your B12 levels.

However, for those who follow diets that avoid animal-based products, or even for those with digestive issues that might not digest foods as easily, they may find that they are vitamin B12 deficient. In other words, they may discover that their B12 levels are significantly lower than they should be. According to Mayo Clinic, if left undiagnosed for an extended period, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause changes in mood, energy levels, anemia, intestinal problems, and even muscle weakness.

How Do I Supplement Vitamin B12?

Thankfully, today B12 can be easily supplemented through vitamin B12 injections, sublingual liquid, or an oral tablet. Vitamin B12 shots tend to be the go-to alternative for supplementing your B12 levels, primarily because of how quickly they can help to boost your B12 levels back to where they’re needed to be. Vitamin B12 injections can be easily prescribed online from companies such as AgelessRx which specialize in online prescription therapies. Many of these companies, and even your day-to-day healthcare provider, will typically prescribe the B12 injections to be administered intramuscularly, primarily because if you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, it means your body is most likely having a tough time absorbing B12 through your GI tract. Regardless of how you choose to supplement it, it’s important to follow a treatment method after being diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency.

How Can B12 Shots Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?

Vitamin B12 plays a critical role in several of our bodily processes and presents various unique benefits to the body. In recent years, vitamin B12 injections have been linked to a decrease in the chance of developing cardiovascular diseases. But how? According to WebMD, cardiovascular diseases are more prone in individuals with a high level of the amino acid homocysteine. Higher levels of homocysteine can cause blood clots to form both in, and around, the heart. However, when vitamin B12 levels are where they need to be, they help to lower the levels of homocysteine present within the body. As vitamin B12 works to decrease the homocysteine present within our bodies, it’s also significantly decreasing our chances of developing cardiovascular diseases down the road.

What Else Can Vitamin B12 Injections Help With?

Aside from helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, there are also several other benefits associated with receiving vitamin B12 injections. Outlined below are a few of the ways that vitamin B12 can impact your body and your overall health.

Increases energy levels

One of the earliest indicators of a B12 deficiency is an overall lack of energy. Vitamin B12 plays a critical role in our body’s ability to produce energy, and as our B12 levels decrease, our energy levels tend to do the same. As mentioned previously, two of the most common symptoms of a B12 deficiency are body weakness and fatigue. However, as vitamin B12 is properly supplemented for, one of the first things that patients may notice is a significant increase in their overall energy levels.

Supports brain health

Vitamin B12 is also critical for our brain health. If you’re currently vitamin B12 deficient, you’re more likely to begin to develop cognitive and memory-related health concerns down the road. However, as we increase our vitamin B12 levels, we’re helping to prevent the loss of neurons within our brains that typically lead to these cognitive-based health issues.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is nothing to take lightly. However, thankfully today vitamin B12 levels can be easily supplemented. If you’re looking to help reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, or if you simply discover that you may be vitamin B12 deficient yourself, B12 injections may be a great option for you to consider! Not only can they help you to feel better physically, but they can help to improve your mental health and wellbeing, as well.

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