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Axia’s Exclusive Bonuses Exposed – How Traders Gain an Immense Edge in The Markets

Axia exclusive bonuses and promotions

The overwhelming growth in the online trading industry led to many new benefits for traders, courtesy of brokerage houses who are competing for each and every client. That is exactly what makes Axia a reputable brand that provides CFD trading. Today, when working with Axia, clients have access to a broad range of exclusive bonuses and promotions.

Regular trading conditions are no longer enough for the average trader, that’s why you might want to consider taking advantage of all the benefits that a good broker puts on the table. Axia is leveling off the playing field by ensuring professional trading conditions and a secure environment, where you can deploy your strategies confidently.

Axia exclusive bonuses and promotions


About Axia

As a matter of fact, Axia is now a very popular trading brand in the GCC market, thanks to its rapid growth in recent years. The broker offers competitive CFD trading terms within a well-regulated framework. Its mother company is authorized by the FSA to provide such services, which equals plenty of advantages in terms of financial security and transparency.

Thanks to the hard work the brand has done over the years, Axia received several important awards. For example, it was labeled as “Most Reliable CFD Broker GCC, 2023”, “Fastest Growing CFD Broker GCC, 2022”, “Most Innovative CFD Broker GCC, 2022” and “The Best Trading Platform in the MENA Region, 2021” – and that’s just to name a few.

From the positive feedback, we can tell that traders working with Axia are happy about the tight trading costs, fast trade execution, financial security and client-centric support. It’s possible to sign up for a new account and start trading hundreds of CFDs in markets like FX, shares, indices and commodities in a matter of minutes. On top of these interesting features, Axia has several bonuses and promotions that you really should know more about, and that’s what we’re here for.

Axia’s Bonuses

Welcome Bonus

To incentivize traders and also provide them with enhanced purchasing power, Axia Investments offers an exclusive welcome bonus promotion. New traders who open an account can apply to receive this bonus, worth 30% on a first deposit of $500. This is also the minimum requirement for a Bronze account with Axia.

However, the welcome bonus is more flexible than that. If you deposit $1000 or more, you qualify for a staggering 50% welcome bonus.  Terms and conditions do apply, as always, and Axia shares all the details on its website so you don’t have to worry. You can also find out more about their promotions by contacting an agent through the live chat feature.

Exclusive Cashback Offer

Some traders can naturally afford to deposit more, and they get added value in terms of trading features. Axia provides an exclusive Cashback offer to those who are able to open a Gold account or higher.

That means that when you hold a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond account with the broker, you have the opportunity to earn cash back for every trade placed. This special offer is valid for selected assets on a biweekly basis and at the end of each cycle, your trading account will be credited with the appropriate amount. Needless to say, this is a game-changer.

That’s not all, though. Higher trading volumes translate into more cash earnings. If you are able to qualify for the cash back offer, you already benefit from tight spreads. Axia has a flexible tiering for trading costs, rewarding customers who wish to deposit more funds.

Experience 0% Overnight Fees

On top of the regular spreads, overnight swaps are another significant cost that you must keep in mind when trading CFDs. Well, if you register now for an account with Axia, it’s possible to enjoy a whole week without overnight fees.

The promotion will kick in after your first position is opened and will be valid for 7 consecutive days.

Let us explain: Margin trading means you borrow funds from your broker, in a sense, in order to place larger trades on the open market. That is why brokerages charge swaps when holding trades open overnight. On the other hand, directional price moves often extend over several days, which makes sense for traders to keep positions open intraday. So, to sum it up, Axia solves this problem with a very attractive promotion.

Trading CFDs with Axia

Axia managed to become a competitive CFD broker by providing professional trading terms. Customers can access hundreds of liquid CFDs across all major markets. The company constantly upgrades the asset coverage, which is why it has become well-positioned to address a broad range of traders with different budgets and styles.

Customization is key here, and Axia takes care of that aspect with the help of proprietary trading software. Axia Trade and Axia Trade Mobile are two platforms that clients use to monitor price changes, place trades and manage risk in real time. MetaTrader 5 is another option when trading with this broker, so it is clear that traders benefit from plenty of options when it comes to trading infrastructure.

As a matter of fact, all traders can now easily join Axia, thanks to the generous account offering. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond accounts were designed to address their needs flexibly, incorporating a multitude of professional trading benefits.

Axia’s comprehensive knowledge center means a broad range of updated market resources at your disposal. Technical analysis, financial news, daily market analysis and trading signals via WhatsApp are part of the offering as well. Axia provides expert opinions that can be helpful, especially when there is great uncertainty regarding the market.

Another reason why Axia is an award-winning brand is the manner in which it addresses customer needs. The support service available via live chat is fast and very responsive. Additionally, registered customers (except for Bronze account holders) are assisted by a personal account manager.

A professional approach

Standing out in the online trading industry for several years in a row is not an easy task. Axia is one of the few brands that managed to do this by embracing a professional approach. Traders working with this broker enjoy asset variety, modern platforms and an overall value for money when signing up. All the exclusive bonuses provided by Axia are meant to further enhance your ability to engage in the market with added purchasing power and tighter trading costs.

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