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Axia Investments bags multiple awards at the 10th edition of Global Brands Magazine Awards

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Axia Investments won the “Most Innovative CFD Broker” & “Fastest Growing CFD Broker” in the GCC area for the year 2022. The felicitation ceremony will be held at the Palm Jumeirah – Waldorf Astoria on the 1st of December 2022 in Dubai.

The Global Brand Awards is an annual event held by Global Brands Magazine (GBM), an international publication headquartered in the UK. The Global Brand Awards aim to recognize and reward companies for their exceptional performances. With a myriad of industries in the world, it is important to be able to stand out and be recognized as an exceptional company. Global Brands Magazine helps its readers stay up to date about the latest trends and evolutions in the industry as well as informs them about some of the best companies in the market. Axia Investments was evaluated on a myriad of factors and the ones that it excelled in are technological advancements and innovation.

Axia has invested a lot in its R&D department to make sure that it can stay ahead of the competition and consistently offer its customers the latest development and features to help them maximize their profits.

Commenting on Axia winning the awards, ShivKumar (CEO) of Global Brands Magazine said, “Axia is a company that works for its customers. Axia has made its platform very user-friendly and with huge access to material provided to its customers, it ensures that all of its customers get the maximum return for their investments. Axia has also broadened its scope by also developing Android and iOS applications to make sure that its customers can trade at any given moment. Axia also has 24×7 support for its customers, in case they need help and a company that is so customer-centric is bound to be making huge waves. Axia has risen to the occasion several times in the past and proved time and again why they are one of the best platforms to trade and use in the GCC area. Axia has also been at the forefront of development and made sure that its products never run into any sort of technological issues.”

Commenting on winning the awards, Talal Al Hajiry, said,Axia Investments has an innovative approach that contributes to its success in the industry: its vision is to provide the ultimate trading experience for those looking for it. High levels of safety, a superior educational framework, robust tech, outstanding support and a remarkable experience that accommodates the needs of professional and novice traders, providing each class of traders with a customized user-friendly experience.

As a young company, Axia Investments has had many achievements in the past couple of years, which is impressive considering it has only been around since 2020. The main reason for our continued growth is our persistence

 to deliver the best service, we put our customers at the center of our overall experience. We never rest on our laurels and continue to find new ways to improve our service, our offering, our technology and the overall trading experience.

Commenting on the awards: It’s a great honor for Axia to be given accolades and awards for its exquisite work as a Fintech company. We are truly obliged for this great honor and recognition given in the financial world.

Axia is quickly expanding and has grown to over 30,000 clients from the GCC area (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain). And it is known for providing the most advanced tools in one integrated platform and a rich educational resource for all traders.  

Partnering with leading international financial services providers allows Axia Investments to flourish even more and give its clients the ability to reach their revenue goals by offering world-class services with lucrative rewards. 

As we strive to reach the top in everything we do, we are incredibly honored and humbled to receive the well-deserved recognition and awards which will always push us for excellence!

About Axia

Axia has one very simple vision – to provide the ultimate trading experience. This means safety, a superior educational framework, robust tech, outstanding support and a remarkable experience overall for traders around the world.

We are aware of what it takes to provide this experience, and how many factors go into creating it. Therefore, we meticulously pay attention to each and every element, to create a remarkable environment for traders to thrive. Our mission is to be a solid bridge between traders and the most liquid markets in the world.

About Global Brands Magazine (England)

Global Brands Magazine (GBM) has been at the forefront, bringing news, views and opinions on brands shaping the future of their industry. The UK-based magazine provides its readers with the latest news and information on ‘best-in-class brands across the globe. Each year, GBM develops a series of awards for companies that stood out, having a unique vision, exceptional service, innovative solutions and consumer-centric products among their industry leaders.

About Global Brand Awards

Global Brand Awards honours brands for their excellence in performance and rewards companies across different sectors for the quality of their services. The Brand Awards highlight the accomplishments of organizations that have performed remarkably well in finance, education, hospitality, automotive, lifestyle, education, real estate, technology and several more. Global Brand Awards recognize vital players who progress towards excellence by providing a platform to acknowledge their efforts. In addition, GBM strives to create awareness concerning the significance of such organizations and rewards them for their notable efforts with the ultimate global recognition.

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