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Award-Winning Landscape Architecture Design with TURKAN ERDEM

Türkan Erdem has a wide collection of experience in different regions at different scales, both at home and abroad (Russia-Siberia, Yamal and Chukotka autonomous regions, Gubkinsky, Bulgaria-Sofia, Azerbaijan, Baku, Iraq-Diwaniyah, Suriname, Guyana, Jordan, Amman, Saudi Arabia-Jizan)

Ranging from, Urban squares (~ 70.000 m²)

Parks and Recreation Areas, (~1.350.000 m²)

City Roads, (~ 190.000 m²)

Residential Buildings, (~ 244.000 m²)

Villas, (~ 252.000 m²)

Hospitals, (~ 55.000 m²)

Administrative Buildings, (~ 17.000 m²)

Educational Buildings, (~ 130.000 m²)

Stadium Around Squares, (340.000 m²)

Shopping Centers, (~ 285.000 m²)

Office Buildings, (~ 20.000 m²)


To Mixed-use Buildings (100.000 m²) Area of the site planning and landscape architecture.

In addition, she has research and extensive works on landscape restoration fields (mines rehabilitation, rain gardens/bio retention areas, biological pond systems, roof garden systems) with special expertise on green belt facilities.3_tuana

Design and graphics standards in her office are based on “ASLA” (American Society of Landscape Architects) standards. Likewise, technical specifications are based on CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) Master Format.4_frcrm

The Expertise of Türkan Erdem Landscape Architecture and Design Workshop:

  • The design and project services
  • Ecosystem ecology, botany, dendrology, entomology, phytopathology, “Ecology Report” studies enriched with our knowledge and experience and consultancy services.
  • Project management.
  • Budget planning.


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