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Artist Plexi-Gloss by Make Up For Ever

For its new Artist Plexi Gloss range of lip gloss, Make Up For Ever has developed an innovative texture inspired by the high-gloss shine and durability of Plexiglas®. To mark the event, the brand invited two contemporary artists to each create a unique work of art using the Artist Plexi-Gloss material.

Make Up For Ever founder Dany Sanz started out as a painter and has always imagined products for makeup artists designed to meet their technical challenges while letting them fully express their creativity. The malleability of Plexiglas® – which can be flexible or rigid, transparent or colored, clear or opaque – makes it a material of choice for artists, and inspired the latest creation by Make Up For Ever. Artist Plexi-Gloss lip lacquer delivers a 360° reflective shine for a uniquely brilliant and ultra-long lasting vinyl finish in a range of bold and brazen shades.

© Ann Grim / Make Up For Ever

To celebrate this revolutionary new lip gloss, the brand teamed up with two contemporary artists, inviting them to create works of art inspired by the product.  French sculptor and visual artist Ann Grim created a 1.5-meter candied apple covered with red and black Artist Plexi Gloss, a vivid evocation of the temptation expressed by the material’s brilliant shine. Peter Zimmermann, an internationally-renowned German artist known for his gourmand and eye-catching works, reproduced the texture of Artist Plexi Gloss in liquefied sugar, creating eatable paintings.

© Peter Zimmermann / Make Up For Ever

The works done by the artists, their profiles and a look at how they used Artist Plexi Gloss, are featured in a specially-created, and curated by LVQT Projects, virtual museum.

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