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Apple Introduces ‘Passwords’ Manager for Secure Authentication

  • Apple is reportedly unveiling a password manager app called “Passwords” at the Worldwide Developers Conference, aiming to simplify secure logins and support verification codes.
  • The announcement comes as the tech industry, including Apple, shifts towards more secure authentication methods like passkeys and biometrics, with a focus on AI development.

Apple will reportedly unveil a password manager app at their Worldwide Developers Conference next Monday (June 10) known as “Passwords,” according to Bloomberg reports Thursday evening citing anonymous sources. This new application could potentially form part of future operating system releases for iPhone, iPad and Mac operating systems, according to these unnamed sources.

Passwords generates, tracks and imports passwords from other password managers into its system, according to reports. Furthermore, Passwords offers verification codes as an authentication app and supports verification codes as a verification feature.

The app aims to simplify user login to websites and software while encouraging them to use secure passwords, according to reports.

This report comes at a time when companies are adopting passkeys technology as a more secure authentication method and to facilitate seamless login experiences across devices.

Passkeys first introduced in 2022 are based on industry standards set out by World Wide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance and supported by Apple, eBay, Google, PayPal and other tech titans.

Losing one’s old habit — password authentication — may take effort, but younger generations seem eager to abandon passwords in favor of more advanced ID technologies like biometrics.

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this September, their new Passwords app will make its debut alongside artificial intelligence (AI). According to Bloomberg reportage, this event is set to focus on AI development.

Tech giant Microsoft will soon implement AI-powered features like notification summaries, instant photo editing capabilities and enhanced versions of Apple’s Siri digital assistant, reported the report.

This report follows AI chipmaker Nvidia overtaking Apple in market cap to become the second-most valuable public company in America.

While Nvidia has taken advantage of investor interest in AI infrastructure, Apple’s growth has faltered this year amid issues including demand in China, manufacturing issues and reception for its mixed reality headset Vision Pro.

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