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Amplify SME Growth Through High-quality And Affordable Electrical Products from Himel

Amplify SME Growth Through High-quality And Affordable Electrical Products from Himel

Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of emerging economies. They create jobs, drive innovation, and contribute to community-level growth. They are also a major source of innovation, with SMEs responsible for more than half of all new patents. World over, there has been a top-down drive to support these businesses, especially the ones involved in manufacturing or production, with access to finance, training, markets, and most importantly innovative products that increase efficiency.

Governments and other stakeholders can play a vital role in addressing these needs. By providing targeted support, such as access to technology, we can help SMEs grow and thrive, which will benefit the economy as a whole. While large production set-ups are benefitted with visibility and access to business-enabling infrastructure, SMEs face a range of challenges often restricting them from the resources they need to be more productive.

The product manufacturing requires an efficient equipment that minimizes waste and downtime while delivering consistent results. Good machinery can help SMEs to improve their productivity, product quality, and lower maintenance costs. As the production process is heavily dependent on electrical energy; the electrical products are key to how SMEs perform in longer run. Unlike large enterprises where digitalization enables predictive maintenance to detect equipment anomalies, small and medium businesses deal with machine breakdowns in real time. Such downtime and unanticipated cost can make significant impact on profit margin.

For SMEs, process efficiency optimization essentially comes down to using affordable and high-quality electrical products for the production line. Often the growth potential of these businesses is constrained because of uncertified poor-quality products that lead to low productivity. With certified electrical products small and medium production setups can reduce the wastage of electrical energy leading to significant savings in operational costs.

Beyond cost, material and maintenance optimization, one aspect that gets consistently underestimated for small-medium businesses is personnel safety. Often overlooked, safety has a direct correlation with process efficiency. Improper safety measures lead to events such as short circuits, voltage arcing, explosions, fires etc. These lead to equipment damage and harm to operating personnel. With unanticipated costs for repair, replacement, operator personnel insurance and production downtime; the risk of business failure increases with improper electrical safety measures.

Production-based SMEs have the potential to be profitable if the barrier of access to high-quality electrical products is lowered. Himel is one such brand, multi-award winner and operational in 50+ countries that offers a comprehensive portfolio of electrical products at affordable cost. It makes it possible through value-engineering, robust supply chain, strong distribution and reseller network.

Himel products designed to increase efficiency of small-medium manufacturing setups


Circuit Breakers

A faulty MCB can halt entire production. In case of a short circuit fault in the process line, if the MCB fails to trip on time, the entire process line can be irreparably damaged. Circuits breakers are first in line regarding the safety of the entire production line. Himel provides high-quality yet affordable, range of Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB), Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB), Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) and Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) that have been tested in a dedicated facility to ensure the safety and high process efficiency.

Variable Speed Drives

Another ubiquitous component of a production line is the electric motor. A healthy, efficient motor system reduces energy consumption by up to 40%. Himel’s range of soft starters, application-specific variable speed drives, and reliable motor circuit breakers provide an easy and affordable way to achieve this. In addition, Himel’s range of contactors and thermal overload relays, further offer all-around protection of electric motors, thus preventing downtime.


Relays are physically small but an essential component of industrial automation. Himel provides best-in-class AC and DC miniature relays with plug-in style easy installation reducing installation and replacement time.

Sound machinery health is essential for small and medium enterprises to succeed. Not only it enables them to improve productivity, quality, efficiency, and cost margin but also to exceedingly meet the needs of their customers and improve the livelihoods of local communities. Himel as an award-winning global manufacturer and supplier of Power Distribution and Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric products is committed to enabling access to high-quality electrical products. Our experts with their deep technical know-how provide the right assistance to small and medium-size industrial enterprises that can close the productivity gap and maximize viability.

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