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Alibaba Guaranteed: Transforming Cross-Border Commerce for SMBs

Alibaba Guaranteed
  • com launched Alibaba Guaranteed, a new product ensuring timely delivery, handling financial transactions, and providing after-sales support for cross-border B2B commerce.
  • The platform aims to simplify international sourcing for SMBs by addressing common issues such as delivery dates, logistics costs, and non-receipt of goods. is launching a brand new product that helps with the work associated with cross-border commerce.

For items purchased via Alibaba Guaranteed, which was official launched on Thursday (June 6) globally, Alibaba Guaranteed’s B2B eCommerce platform will fulfill the orders itself and manages finance according to an announcement on Thursday.

“Alibaba Guaranteed marks an exciting new chapter for [small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)] and global sourcing as it will help to redefine the fulfillment standard of B2B cross-border trade,” Kuo Zhang President of announced in the press release.

Alibaba Guaranteed offers products at pre-determined prices, and charges for shipping; delivers items within 72 hours and ensures delivery on the time specified as per the press release.

It also handles financial transactions including escrows as well as payment terms. It also offers after-sales support like quick cash returned if there is a problem regarding orders, as well as free local returns in the event of issues, as stated in the release.

Alibaba Guaranteed is designed to address three of the most common issues SMBs are faced with in relation to international sourcing online including delivery dates as well as logistics expenses and concerns regarding not receiving goods, per the press release. is currently serving over 48 million SMB customers and boasts over 200,000 suppliers listed on its global platform in accordance with the press release.

“Global sourcing can be a complex process with many moving parts, but Alibaba Guaranteed can help [SMBs] navigate it with greater ease,” Zhang declared in the announcement. “With much of the legwork being done for SMBs by the platform, cross-border trade can be as simple as purchasing a pair of shoes from your favorite retailer online.”

The future of digital procurement is a top priority for both suppliers and buyers in all sectors. Through providing central platforms on which firms can find goods, review prices and order within a couple of seconds, online B2B marketplaces simplify administrative tasks and enable procurement departments to concentrate on the more important tasks.

Alibaba announced in May that shoppers are able to make their purchases based on the trustworthiness they believe that Alibaba is.

“Our investments in … elevating the user experience have received positive consumer feedback,” Alibaba CEOEddie Wu announced on May 17 in the company’s quarterly earnings conference.

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