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AdenaSoft Offers a Free Trial Experience of their PAMM System

AdenaSoft Offers a Free Trial Experience of their PAMM System

Adena Software Co., the global leader in providing advanced software solutions systems for trading, payment, and financial services companies, is offering the opportunity to start a free trial experience with the PAMM System and create a free PAMM Account. After the account has been set up, users will have full access to the PAMM System for a minimum of 3 months up to 6 months.

ADENASOFT proprietary PAMM/MAM technology for MT4/MT5 platforms is one of the best in the industry popular for White Label clients. By using the provided PAMM Account, the PAMM System allows users to manage funds efficiently.

ADENASOFT PAMM systems link investors with fund managers. The systems allow the fund managers to set up PAMM accounts and see the investors’ status. Investors can check the fund’s performance on a real-time basis.

AdenaSoft PAMM systems provide fund managers with the best technology built for the highest level of efficiency integrity. Fund Managers can manage private and public funds separately via the system. Settlements are done weekly and monthly programs.

For Investors, AdenaSoft PAMM website provides them with the tool to check real-time funds’ performance with an easy onboarding process. Profit distributions can bet set up for weekly or monthly depending on the preference regardless of the amount. PAMM web interface has real-time positions as well as performance reports for fund analytics.

The benefits of using AdenaSoft PAMM Systems are:

  • Fund Manager Data Analysis. Providing real-time fund performance reports. Managers can also manage risk by using the available analytical tools.
  • Weekly/Monthly Distribution. Both weekly and monthly profit distribution are available for the fund managers to choose from. All distribution takes place automatically with the utmost accuracy.
  • PAMM web login page provided. PAMM web pages are available for both fund managers and investors. All settings can be done in the PAMM web interface.
  • Private/Public Option. Availability to set up the fund’s data to be either public or private. For public data, anyone in the world can see and participate.

ADENASOFT has brought its unprecedented experience from the biggest financial and forex institutions and the most innovative startups to develop a comprehensive software solution for forex liquidity providers and payment service that aims to help brokers successfully operate their financial services business in a trouble-free IT environment.

Adena Software Co. supports many of the top trading and money transfer companies in Asia and Europe. ADENASOFT is well known and renowned for its seamless White Label financial solutions products providing customizable one-stop services to global clients.

To read more about each service visit or submit your question to [email protected].

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