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Acer and NASEF Unite to Help Schools Launch Esports Programs


In advance of the ISTE Live 2023 Show, Acer America and the Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations (NASEF) have announced their alliance to help schools launch or expand their student esports program. Through this alliance, NASEF and Acer America will provide the training, coaching modules and course certification for schools to structure, implement and maintain an esports program. ​

Plus, Acer America, the premier hardware provider for NASEF, is paying the $499 esports coaching certification fee for eligible[1] K-12 schools and universities initiating programs in the 2023-24 school year. The coaching certification for the award-winning NASEF platform prepares teams to participate in the program; having Acer America pay this fee could potentially save a school district thousands of dollars.

“Research demonstrates the effectiveness of esports as a tool for meaningful STEAM and social-emotional learning,” said Gerald Solomon, founder and executive director of NASEF. “We commend Acer for recognizing the importance of equipping educators with not just the hardware but also the knowledge to launch and sustain impactful scholastic esports programs.”

NASEF, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, works with K-12 schools to use esports as a platform to develop STEAM-based skills by providing students with hands-on opportunities to learn and apply skills related to gaming, technology and other fields. NASEF includes nearly 3,000 esports clubs across North America, with many more around the world, and has developed state-approved curriculum in the United States. It provides resources and support for all active clubs and holds special events for members, including workshops, clinics and tournaments. In addition, NASEF is the leader of the United States Esports Federation, which selects athletes to represent the U.S. in the IESF (International Esports Federation) World Esports Championships.

Acer America’s Director of Commercial Marketing, Nidhi Tassone, stated, “NASEF’s training and coaching expertise combined with Acer’s award-winning gaming hardware comprise a one-stop shop for schools launching an esports program. It’s clear the benefits of an esports program go far beyond gaming; they improve student engagement and help them hone critical life skills such as collaboration and problem solving. In addition, studies show that gaming improves visual acuity and attention, fosters scientific learning, and increases digital literacy; abilities that will help them succeed in their lives today and future careers.”

Tassone continued, “With many universities now offering esports scholarships, high schools should definitely consider creating an esports program, whether it’s part of an academic STEM program or an esports club.”

Schools that need the hardware to start or supplement their student esports program can purchase Predator and Nitro-branded laptops, monitors, desktop computers and accessories from Acer. In addition, Acer can help schools stay within their budgets and fulfill their technology and curriculum goals with Predator Esports Bundles that simplify the purchasing process. Each is backed by the Esports Care Bundle that provides a warranty extension, prepaid freight, expedited repair and dedicated tech support.

Source: Acer

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