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GLOBAL BRAND AWARDS was established with the aim of honouring excellence in performance and rewarding Companies across different sectors. The award honours companies who have performed extraordinarily well in the field of Finance, Education, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Automobiles, & Technology. The awards are given to acknowledge key players who strive for fineness & provide a platform for recognition. The award also aims to identify, create awareness about the significance of exceptional service delivery & reward their performance with the ultimate global Recognition.

In addition to Finance, Education, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Automobiles, & Technology we also reward the Service aspects, Performance aspects, Branding exercises which companies undertake to rise above the rest.

Nominations are accepted for different countries and regions from companies throughout the year across a wide range of categories.  Nominations received at their relevant national level are adjudged by independent external research agency. To qualify for an award, the company must present accurate information about the details requested by the team.

Awards Process:

–  The Nominations team proactively invites companies to participate in the awards across different regions.

–  A company can participate by filing the nomination form (Online or soft copy).

–  The nomination form is passed on to the internal research team who ensure that the nomination is valid. The team also ensures that adequate data is available for the research agency.

– The shortlisted nominations are passed on to an independent external research agency who will scrutinize the nominations based on different criteria.

– The results are then passed on to the internal team who will decide on the award winners based on fundamental objectives.

–  The winners are then announced on the website under the Award Winners Section

Other Information: The External Research agency collects data from publicly available sources and announces winners in various categories from the data available with them. The name of the winners and the award sub category are then notified to Global Brands Publications limited. The companies analysed here are not required to fill in the nomination form or submit any data. The companies will be notified about the award within 30 days of such announcement on the website.

More than 18000 Companies were evaluated in the latest study conducted by them.

Sponsorship: Sponsorship of the 2023 awards is now open for leading brands who can be prominent headline sponsors.


Organizers Statement: The Research Agency judgement does not imply any endorsement of the award winners. The awards are provided as a platform to showcase the achievements of organisation in their field of expertise. The Awards are given to companies based on technical analysis or/and fundamental Analysis conducted by the research agency. The company does not take any responsibility of inaccurate data provided by the companies or any of the activities of the award winners.

The unauthorized use of Global Brands Magazine or Global Brands Magazine Award Winners Logo is strictly prohibited.

For Winners Logo, Please contact: Edwin Martin- [email protected]








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