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7 Springtime Staples for Every Style


After spending time on lockdown, many people have lots of fun places to go and people to see in spring 2022. Before you head out and enjoy yourself, consider some fashionable, attractive outfits that can help you increase your confidence and look your best. Here are springtime staples for every style.

A White Dress

Bridal dresses aren’t just for brides anymore. No matter your relationship status, you can look great in a long, flowing white dress or a sleek, minimalist piece. Some options look more professional, and others have lots of lace, frills, beads, and other fantastic touches. Like a traditional wedding dress, you can find options to suit any figure.

A Catsuit

Stylecaster called 2022 the year of the catsuit. A catsuit is usually skintight, and it covers your torso and legs. Some are long-sleeved, as well. These items are stretchy and comfortable, and they’re ideal for a great workout or a night relaxing on your couch. Many catsuits come with unique patterns, and you can wear them alone or pair them with belts and other accessories. You can wear a catsuit to work with boots or heels and a matching blazer, and it’s easy to layer your catsuit with pants and a warm sweater in chilly weather.

An Oversized Jacket

A tight jacket can be uncomfortable when you need to spend hours at work, and it might not fit well with your favorite items. An oversized jacket leaves plenty of room for layers, and you can wear it and look great without worrying about the fit. Outside the office, pair it with a crop top for a fun, sexy look.

Big Slacks

Look for slacks or trousers with wide legs and lots of room. Like oversized jackets, this trend is versatile and comfortable. It has a long, flowing look and can be great for concealing flaws.

Dressy Shorts

This spring, expect to see more people wearing shorts to the office. Instead of denim cutoffs, look for shorts with the same materials as many skirts or slacks. From a distance, many of these types of shorts look like skirts, and they match well with a blazer or T-shirt.

A Miniskirt


Source: Image via Flickr by Citizen 4474

This classic has been around since the 1960s, and it’s back this season in a big way. The newest styles have bright colors or fun prints that look great at a bar or on the beach. You can also wear a miniskirt with leggings or a catsuit.

A Pleated Skirt

If you prefer something more modest and casual, choose a long, flowing pleated skirt. It looks great with sandals or sneakers, and you can wear it with a T-shirt, crop top, bralette, or sweater. Pastels, bright colors, interesting prints, and feminine accents like lace are particularly popular.

Finding Your Style

Before you start shopping, ask yourself, “What is my style?” Think about the items in your closet you love most, and search for springtime staples that are easy to mix and match. Then, you can choose things that look great and make you feel confident.

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