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7 Most Effective Motocross Tips To Enter The Pro League

7 Most Effective Motocross Tips To Enter The Pro League

Before you can run, walk and before you can walk, crawl. Practicing basic techniques are the equivalent of crawling in motocross. It is the fundamental building block to your riding skill set. A fundamental that every pro has mastered. They achieved pro level after they spent hours practicing their form, technique, and riding skill. To help you achieve the same, we’ve simplified the process and compiled the top 5 techniques to master for going full throttle into the pro league:

Tip #1: Balanced Riding

Motocross can be thought of as professional bike acrobatics. The track is unforgiving and requires you to keep reshifting your weight on the bike to maintain your speed and prevent crashes. The very first thing professionals recommend for beginners is to practice getting used to their bike weight and recollecting their balance after each jump, corner, or tricky track obstacle.

Tip #2: Timely Braking

Yes, speed is important, you will quickly realize riding dirt bikes is about quick accelerations and efficient braking. Having an understanding of the braking time and the usage of the brakes for the front or rear tire is an essential skill. The brake above the right-hand grip on the handlebars is the front wheel brake, this is mostly used as the front wheel needs to stop first in most riding situations. Down below on the right footpeg is the back-tire brake lever, controlled by your foot, it is used comparatively less to avoid slipping due to the back tire abruptly stopping.

Tip #3: Suitable Gear Choices

Your bike constantly talks to you through the vibration, throttle response, and sound. Listening to it closely will let you know if you are in the optimal gear or not. If you feel high RPM and hear loud noises, or if there are steep climbs it’s usually time to shift to a low gear, and vice versa for the shifting to higher gears.

Tip #4: Throttle Control

The throttle is the most tempting control at your disposal. One slight twist of your wrist and immediate power is bestowed upon you. However, being restrictive and composed with throttle usage is the mark of an experienced rider. Throttle control is especially important during cornering as you have to manage your trajectory by feathering the throttle to constantly nudge yourself in the right direction.

Tip #5: Mapping The Track

Professionals have the habit of looking as far as possible on the track. This helps them chart their responses accordingly and avoid crashing into objects due to target fixation. We recommend looking ahead and not hyper-focusing on only the immediate road ahead of you.

Tip #6: Smooth Cornering 

Smooth cornering saves time and helps you overtake the competition. It’s easy to go full twist on the throttle, but skillful cornering requires rider finesse. A good technique is to brake as the turn approaches, switch to the right gear, picking the right line for entering the turn, and leaning into the corner while you control your trajectory using the throttle.

Tip #7: Studying The Ground

While the audience rejoices at the sight of bumpy, edgy, and uneven tracks, riders immediately get into analytical mode. Understanding the terrain will allow you to mentally prepare and calibrate your riding accordingly.


Spending time to pay close attention to the above fundamentals of dirt bike riding can be the deciding factor for your quality as a rider. If you aim to enter the pro league, make sure you have the pro gear. Experienced riders use quality motocross gear as well as the right gear bag to slay the time and management hassles beginners usually end up with. Once you’re set with the perfect gear and perfected fundamentals, the track will await your wheels, and the crowd will gasp at your skills.

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