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7 Gadgets to Invest in for Freshman IT Students

7 Gadgets to Invest in for Freshman IT Students

Starting your path as a college student is always exciting, though frightening at the same time. Most freshers have high hopes for this new chapter of their lives, but, when it finally begins, they may face a whole spectrum of challenges that they, most often, haven’t really been prepared for.

Luckily, there is a way to minimize stress and avoid plenty of issues. We live in a high-tech world, in which you have all the tools to make your day-to-day life simple and care-free.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top must-have gadgets that every freshman IT student needs. Let’s dive in!

1.   Laptop

It shouldn’t surprise you to see a laptop come first on our list. Indeed, it has long become one of the most important educational gadgets that every student must have, regardless of the major.

With a good laptop at your service, you will be able to handle all your homework online, which is what most schools expect from you nowadays. Also, it will greatly assist you in your research. And, finally, if you prefer to use a professional academic essay writing service to help you with your homework, you will still need a powerful laptop for completing your own IT projects.

Based on everything that has been said, without any doubt, this gadget should be the number one point on your college shopping list!

2.   Tablet

Although the importance of having a powerful laptop should go without saying, IT students may also need to invest in a tablet.

First of all, a tablet is a great portable substitute for your computer. You can synchronize your files and information between these devices and have it with you anywhere you go.

Also, depending on your specialty, a good tablet may become an absolutely irreplaceable tool. For example, if you are studying web design, you will likely have to use a tablet to create your projects. Thus, it is one more gadget you should shop for before arriving at college.

3.   Portable Hard Drive

As an IT student, you will have plenty of data, projects, programs, and other stuff that you should be able to access freely whenever the need arises.

One option is to store everything on your gadgets. But, this way you risk losing all the files if your laptop crashes. Another, much safer option is to store everything in the cloud. But, in this case, you will not be able to access your data when there is no Internet connection.

This brings us to another must-have device – a portable hard drive. Having one will allow you to back up your files and have free access to them whenever you need them.

4.   Wireless Headphones

Being surrounded by fellow students, it can be very hard to concentrate and get your tasks done. However, a pair of high-quality wireless headphones with a noise-canceling feature can really help.

Thus, don’t hesitate to invest in a pair of good headphones. Be sure, this gadget will help you get through your freshman year with less stress!

5.   WiFi Extender

In their work, IT professionals rely on the Internet a lot, which is not surprising. And even though you are just a freshman, you will rely on it, too. Therefore, another cool gadget to invest in is a solid WiFi extender.

This tool will help you enhance the quality of the internet connection and avoid a whole range of network issues, which, otherwise, could be very annoying. Thus, regardless of whether you rent an apartment or live in a dorm, don’t hesitate to buy a good extender in order to ensure the best user experience for yourself.

6.   Fitness Tracker

This next device may not sound like something obvious. But, if you think about it, a fitness tracker is indeed something every IT freshman will make use of.

Entering the tech industry, you will spend almost 100% of your free time staring at the screen. Needless to say that such a lifestyle can be very harmful both to your physical and mental health. And the only way to reduce the negative side effects of this style of living is to incorporate more movement into your daily routine.

A fitness tracker is a great device for keeping track of your physical activity and also a great motivator. With such a gadget, you will keep your health and well-being good. So, it’s really worth investing in.

7.   Alarm Clock

You can major in anything, be it IT or Arts, but, first of all, you are a student, which means that you must be organized to keep up with all your classes. And, as we all know, classes typically start in the morning and the majority of students really have trouble waking up early. And that’s why you need a good alarm clock.

Now you are probably wondering why you have to invest in an alarm clock if your smartphone already comes with this feature. Well, that’s true. But, it’s also true that alarm clocks that are built into smartphones don’t have quite as many features as a traditional clock can offer. Besides, today there are many advanced gadgets that can even simulate sunrise to help you wake up naturally.

Thus, it is definitely the kind of tech you want to invest in before your freshman year starts.

The Bottom Line

Being a college student and especially a freshman can be tough. But, if you are packed with the right tech, you can avoid lots of potential issues. And this is especially true if you are majoring in IT.

Luckily, we live in a world of technology. There have never been so many options of gadgets that are created to help you study, work, and live more effectively. In this article, we shared some of the best options that each of you should invest in before the year begins. Hopefully, here, each of you will find something to suit your needs!

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