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6 Useful Things Your Galaxy S20’s Camera Can Do for You

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The Galaxy S20 has been receiving a lot of attention for its innovative camera experience granted by such capabilities as Space Zoom and Single Take, as well as its super high-resolution sensors, video capture in stunning 8K resolution, and other leading functionalities.

But beyond just offering these innovative camera capabilities to ensure your memories are captured just as they happen, the Galaxy S20’s camera also features a range of capabilities developed to help you capture, view, edit, and share your photos and videos as seamlessly as possible, from taking photos and managing your Gallery to sharing your moments with friends.

Read on to learn more about these useful features and how they can help you enhance your Galaxy S20 camera experience.

Capture Freely
Custom Filter lets you create and customize your own personal photo filters using existing pictures, including those you have taken using the Camera app. You can now personalize your shots to match your own aesthetic and color tone preferences, both before and after taking pictures.

6 Useful Things Your Galaxy S20’s Camera Can Do for You

Furthermore, for the most seamless video experience possible, you can switch between the front and rear cameras whilst recording a 4K UHD video – meaning you’ll never miss a chance to capture your priceless moments from every angle. Whilst recording a video, select the ‘camera switch’ icon on the bottom right of the screen to change between the front and rear cameras.View Easily
With the Clean View feature, the Gallery app groups up to 100 consecutive images based on when they have been shot into one bundle for easy viewing. You can then easily review each bundle and select your favorite picture to serve as the group’s thumbnail.

6 Useful Things Your Galaxy S20’s Camera Can Do for You

The Gallery also offers enhanced search capabilities. Compared to its previous functionality, the improved search now shows a more diverse array of results when you search by time or place keywords. If your search term results in nothing to display, your S20 will suggest similar search terms to help you find what you are looking for, with greater ease.

6 Useful Things Your Galaxy S20’s Camera Can Do for You

Edit & Share Quickly
Highlight reel creates a dynamic video clip out of your favorite photos and videos. You can either simply enjoy this curated selection of your best snaps or further personalize your reel by amending the duration, adding text, changing the background volume or music, and more.

6 Useful Things Your Galaxy S20’s Camera Can Do for You

To help you swiftly share high-resolution photos and videos with your friends, Samsung has provided users with Quick Share. It allows you to easily see which users are nearby so that you can select and share high-resolution pictures and videos with multiple people – just by tapping on the icon1.

6 Useful Things Your Galaxy S20’s Camera Can Do for You

With these useful camera features, Samsung is providing a more user-friendly camera and gallery experience to mobile photography enthusiasts. Be sure to stay tuned to Samsung Mobile Press for more information on the latest Galaxy innovations, including the groundbreaking Galaxy S20 series.For more information about the Galaxy S20, visit or

1 Available on previous Galaxy series when upgraded to Android 10 after Galaxy S20 launch.

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