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5 Reasons You Need a Direct Cloud Connection

Cloud Connection

With cloud services becoming more popular each year, businesses are faced with many complex choices to make regarding their data. From high data transfer costs to cybersecurity concerns, it can be tough to figure out which decision is best for your business.

After taking a look at the data, we believe one of the best solutions your business could choose is a direct cloud connection. Direct cloud connectivity platforms offer several benefits to businesses and users, and can help eliminate some of the common challenges businesses face when it comes to managing their data.

In this article, we’ll share 5 of the top reasons why you need a direct cloud connection as your newest network solution, including decreased costs, reduced latency, greater security, more stable networks, and increased workplace efficiency.

1. You’ll Experience Decreased Costs

One of the greatest reasons businesses should switch to a direct cloud connection is the potential cost savings. By having a direct connection to your cloud service provider, you can reduce your data transfer costs. This can potentially help you avoid high data transport fees when pulling data out of your cloud later on.

Of course, the amount of fees you’re charged greatly depends on how much data you plan to take out of the cloud regularly, as well as how many clouds you manage at once. The more clouds you manage, the higher these fees are going to be for you per month, which is why considering a direct connection can be so important.

You should always compare the prices of direct connectivity services offered by different providers to see which ones offer the most savings for your business. You can also compare these rates to your current data transfer fees to see which cloud solution will save you the most money.

Remember, the more money you save on data fees is more money you can use to grow your business in other ways!

2. It Can Help Reduce Latency

One major challenge faced by businesses is increased latency when connecting to the cloud. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait extended time periods to get the data you need!

Luckily, one way to solve this issue is by getting a direct cloud connection. Having a direct cloud connection eliminates weak links you may face when using the slow public internet or a VPN, which results in speedier service delivery and response times for all users.

Because traditional networking models aren’t designed to support or facilitate the rapid growth of the cloud, businesses looking for better service should invest in greater network support through solutions such as direct connections. These solutions also tend to be scalable, so they can adjust with your business as it grows over time.

3. Direct Connections Offer Greater Security Than Others

In the past, cybersecurity experts thought the cloud had inferior security compared to in-house networks. Today, they’re saying the opposite.

Because of rapid advancements in the cloud, cybersecurity experts now say that direct cloud connection can offer even greater security than in-house networking.

The public internet is at high risk for cyber attacks such as Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS), so using this route to access the cloud puts your personal data at risk of hackers as well as data loss.

Instead, having a direct cloud connection can provide faster and more secure routes to and from cloud environments. Rather than relying on the public internet or VPN tunnels, your business can use a dedicated cloud connection to bypass the public internet, avoiding several security issues along the way.

This can significantly reduce your risk of cybersecurity breaches, points of failure, and data theft. Plus, a direct connection also gives you better visibility and control over your data traffic, so you can fully monitor and manage your cloud network in a secure and reliable way.

4. You’ll Have Greater Network Stability

As mentioned previously, direct cloud computing can help eliminate many of the vulnerabilities the public internet is responsible for. By doing this, it also helps provide greater network stability. This is extremely helpful for businesses, as stronger connections can reduce the risk of data loss and increase the speed of service.

By having your own dedicated connection, your network won’t experience the congestion it normally would on the public internet, which gives you more control over your work on a daily basis.

It also helps you get work done faster, as you don’t have to wait as long for data to download. After all, nobody wants to deal with failed downloads due to a weak network!

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