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The utilitarian vibe of the new Nike Training Kit men’s collection may lead you to think the design focus was more on aesthetics than performance. But these four new high-tech features prove otherwise.

 New NIKE Training Kit

1. The adjustable elastic waistband on the two-in-one the Nike Flex Men’s Training Shorts has an open back loop for holding your T-shirt when it’s too sweaty to wear…or all the time.

2. A gusset on the inside of the Nike Dry Men’s Over-The-Knee Training Shorts, a new warm-up option, provides complete range of motion throughout the length, so you can breeze through all of your mobility drills.

3. Four pieces of Nike Dry fabric make up the hood of the Nike Dry Men’s Training Hoodie, resulting in a fit that won’t fall off or get in the way of your peripheral vision. One of those pieces makes a reinforced bill that keeps your face covered from sun or rain during outdoor workouts.

4. The rounded drop hem on the Nike Men’s Training Top (a new sweet-spot length after testing many variations) provides ample coverage so you can squat properly: below parallel.

Overall, the designers focused on creating pieces that would keep athletes mobile (by engineering fit to increase range of motion and offsetting seams around key motion areas), supported (by using compression fabric that gives the sensory perception of locking muscles in), dry (by choosing specific material weights to facilitate the right temperature) and in pieces that last (by using high-tenacity yarns and durable reinforcements).

The  New Nike Training Kit collection will be available beginning late June on and at retail locations.

Source: Nike

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