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4 Built-in Windows 10 Apps You Should Replace

Windows 10 Apps

One of the most significant benefits of using a Windows-powered computer over a Mac is that you can drastically customize the software to match your style and needs. It’s good to have this option because some Windows apps only offer basic functionality while others are entirely insufficient. Here are some apps that you should consider replacing:

1. Internet Explorer

The only thing Internet Explorer is good at is becoming a champion of meme jokes. The infamously slow web browser can also be notoriously glitchy. While Microsoft Edge is a significant improvement, it still lacks many features that make its rivals from third parties popular. In addition, it’s more challenging to synchronize your Internet settings with your Android phone with Microsoft’s browsing app.

You may want to download Google Chrome on Windows and set it as your default browser for better performance and more features. The only problem with Google’s app is that it’s a bit of a memory hog. Ensure that you have at least 8GB of RAM for a smooth browsing experience.

2. Windows Antivirus

Microsoft regularly changes the name of its baked-in Windows security tools, but it doesn’t change the fact that the software is inadequate. It usually falls behind third-party antivirus tools on security tests. Nowadays, you need an antivirus utility that’s light, effective, and smart enough to stop emerging threats with unknown signatures or viruses that change their code to avoid detection. Perhaps, for this reason, a free malware removal Windows 10 download that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning is so popular these days. From metamorphic viruses and worms to Trojans and spyware, such a proactive anti-malware tool can stop most new malicious software.

3. Windows 10 Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is one of the biggest threat nowadays in cybersecurity. It can impact large businesses, small companies, and even users at home. As you probably know, this malware locks your computer, files, or both and threatens to corrupt everything unless you pay a ransom. Sadly, paying the ransom is never a guarantee that you’ll get your data back.

The malware is such a menace that demand for ransomware technology is skyrocketing. People are even activating the Windows 10 built-in ransomware block for safety. You might think that something is better than nothing, but this isn’t the case with Windows 10’s ransomware security feature. It’s so poor that Microsoft left it deactivated by default.

Not only is it buggy, but it also erroneously blocks regular programs. Download ransomware protection software from a reputable cybersecurity company and back up your data regularly to stop encrypting malware. In addition, avoid opening phishing emails, malicious links, and suspicious websites to prevent ransomware from infecting your system.

4. Microsoft Paint

While MS Paint is an adequate tool, it hasn’t changed much in decades. It might be time to say goodbye to the app, especially with better options in the wild. For lighter free alternatives to MS Paint, look up utilities like Irfan View, Paint.NET, GIMP, or Krita. Of course, it’s hard to beat Adobe Photoshop for a more in-depth image editing tool.

These are four built-in Windows 10 apps that you’ll be better off replacing as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to improve your computer’s security and performance with the right third-party programs.

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