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3 reasons why Apple Vision Pro will be the Best Computer in the Market Next Year

3 reasons why Apple Vision Pro will be the Best Computer in the Market Next Year

As the world of technology continues evolving and people are eager to see what’s the next achievement in the field, Apple has already intrigued us, promising something significant. It’s all about the Vision Pro computer, of course, which seems a game-changing machine, capable of making users’ digital lives more immersive.

Although news platforms and social media channels started actively discussing Apple’s new product right after its announcement, it’s worth remembering that Vision Pro will not be the first of its kind, since long before Apple, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and other companies tried to produce VR glasses. However, those former attempts didn’t seem as promising as Apple’s Vision Pro in terms of exciting features and capabilities.

With this being said, the market is still competitive and let’s not forget that Apple will release the product only next year. So, until then there is still some time for other companies to work on their own tech inventions. Based on the information we currently have, several factors make Apple Vision Pro the best choice for next year’s tech shopping. Here are four of them, listed below.

New Experience in the Same Ecosystem

When talking about the advantages of any Apple product, we always mention the ecosystem factor first for a simple reason: This is a major thing that makes the user experience so much easier and enjoyable. Without a doubt, there are not a few but way too many more features making Apple Vision Pro the best choice, but the ecosystem is the biggest card that Apple always plays.

Vision Pro is not just a VR headset, it’s the computer of the future, which means it’s built to perform different tasks. In the age of remote work, employers try to equip their home offices so they don’t lose touch with the professional environment, which means working from home but keeping things organized and disciplined. Apple Vision Pro will become the best solution, transforming the home office into a virtual office, where you have all your files and folder right there, on the big screen.

Professionals who got used to working with Apple computers will be able to utilize the Vision Pro headset as if they were sitting in front of their desktops. This will be the same MacBook in a different form. Moreover, users will still be able to stay connected with their iCloud storage, iMessage, and other Apple software solutions. If you are someone who enjoys living and working in the Apple ecosystem, then here is your first reason why the Vision Pro computers will be the best choice for the next year.

Hands-Only Control Is Outstanding

Hands are very important components in terms of sensing reality, including virtual reality. This is the reason why companies try to think of possibilities to let people not only see but also feel the artificial world behind the headsets. Meta, for instance, is preparing a feature that allows users to “touch” virtual objects, although it’s not that impressive yet. So let’s talk about impressive things.

Apple Vision Pro has truly mixed those two realities, somehow creating a technology that can be controlled just by touching your fingers in the air. That simple action will open and close files, minimize and maximize windows, and so on. Rather than being controlled by special remotes, Apple adopted a hands-on solution, which is unbelievable.

Users who will be working from home with Vision Pro computers will certainly need to type emails or take notes. Imagine holding a couple of remotes to control the headset and then every time put those down when you want to type a text. This would be a horrible user experience, and Apple knows this very well.

(It Seems) It Is Transparent

You have probably seen that even when users wear Apple Vision Pro, their eyes are still visible behind the glasses. However, this is a trick that Apple succeeded in, convincing everyone that the product is transparent, while it is not. The front glass is black and non-transparent. Apple did a hard job on physics, and using some cutting-edge technology, made the user’s eyes mirroring to the front glass. So, people next to you, don’t see your eyes, but the projection of your eyes on the screen.

Whatever works behind this magic, it’s truly impressive, and the reason we consider this a big reason for the Vision Pro computer to be the best choice is related to better communication in the real world while being immersed in virtual reality. One of the biggest challenges for this type of product is making sure that people get closer, not isolated behind the headsets. Making your eyes visible, lets family members keep visual contact with the Vision Pro user, which is super important.

Next year will truly be important for tech-savvies since Apple Vision Pro is not coming alone but with a bunch of new applications and experiences. Hopefully, the market will get better and we will have a new reality with better communication opportunities.

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