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Tech Industry Faces Wave of Layoffs in 2024: Amazon, Google, Duolingo, and More

Tech Industry Faces Wave of Layoffs in 2024: Amazon, Google, Duolingo, and More
Amazon laid off hundreds of employees this week |2024 Tech Layoffs: Amazon, Google, Duolingo, and More


Amazon Layoffs:

  • Twitch cuts 35% of staff (500 employees).
  • Audible trims 100 jobs.
  • Prime Video and MGM Studios face “several hundred” cuts.

Google Layoffs:

  • “Hundreds” cut across engineering, hardware, and Google Assistant teams.
  • Google shares up 2.85% in spite of layoffs.

Duolingo Job Cuts:

  • 10% contract workforce reduction.
  • Shift towards AI for content generation.
  • Full-time employees unaffected.

Discord and Unity Software Layoffs:

  • Discord cuts 17% (170 employees) for enhanced agility.
  • Unity Software trims one-quarter (1,800 jobs) for long-term profitability.

Comparison to Previous Years:

  • January 2024 sees 37 tech layoffs, a significant drop from 278 in 2023.
  • Over 305,000 tech job losses in the U.S. in the previous year.

Industry-Wide Impact:

  • Layoffs reflect industry response to economic uncertainties.
  • Optimization of workforces for sustainability and profitability.

Dynamic Tech Sector Response:

  • Workforce changes show adaptability to evolving demands.
  • Companies adjusting strategies amid a complex economic landscape.

The tech industry is experiencing a significant wave of layoffs in 2024, with major companies such as Amazon, Google, Duolingo, and others implementing workforce reductions. These job cuts are attributed to the companies’ efforts to “rightsize” their operations and reduce costs amid economic uncertainties. Let’s delve into the recent layoffs at some prominent tech firms.

Amazon’s Workforce Reduction

Amazon, one of the tech giants, has made substantial cuts across various divisions. Twitch, the live-streaming platform owned by Amazon, announced a 35% reduction in its workforce, affecting around 500 employees. The CEO, Dan Clancy, emphasized the need to “rightsize” the company, stating that its current size exceeds the requirements for its business operations. Additionally, Amazon’s audiobook division, Audible, implemented cuts affecting 100 employees. The company also revealed plans to cut “several hundred” employees at its Prime Video and MGM Studios divisions, following a comprehensive review of its business operations.

Google’s Workforce Restructuring

Google, another major player in the tech industry, laid off “hundreds” of employees across various divisions, including engineering, hardware, and the development of its voice-operated virtual assistant, Google Assistant. The layoffs come as part of the company’s strategic realignment. Despite these workforce reductions, Google’s shares have seen a 2.85% increase this year.

Duolingo’s Pivot to AI

Language learning app Duolingo opted for a different approach, slashing 10% of its contract employees. The company aims to pivot towards relying on artificial intelligence for content generation, signalling a shift in its business strategy. Duolingo clarified that none of its full-time employees would be affected by these layoffs.

Other Tech Companies Facing Layoffs

Discord, the communication platform, announced a 17% reduction in its workforce, impacting approximately 170 employees. Unity Software, a video game software developer, disclosed plans to cut one-quarter of its staff, amounting to roughly 1,800 jobs. Discord aims to enhance agility, while Unity Software focuses on long-term profitability and growth.

Comparison to Previous Years

Surprisingly, the total number of tech layoffs in January 2024 is considerably lower than the same month last year. Layoffs. fyi reported that 37 tech companies made layoffs this month, a significant decrease compared to the 278 companies that cut jobs in January 2023. However, the overall impact of layoffs in the tech sector remains substantial, with over 305,000 employees losing their jobs in major U.S. layoffs last year.

The tech industry’s ongoing wave of layoffs reflects a complex landscape of economic uncertainties and strategic realignments. Companies like Amazon, Google, Duolingo, Discord, and Unity Software are navigating these challenges by optimizing their workforce to ensure long-term sustainability and profitability. As the industry continues to evolve, these workforce changes signal a dynamic response to the ever-changing demands and landscape of the tech sector.

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