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12 Essential Gadgets for Students Under $50

Gadgets for Students

There is no doubt that technology makes our lives easier. And, despite popular belief, it does not have to break the budget. Even if you do not have a lot of money to spend, there are plenty of affordable tools to choose from. 

Here students can find a list of gadgets under $50 that they’ll love. Saving money is good for everyone, but especially for students. Not only because many of them have to be careful with funds anyway but also because extra savings can go up to other great things. For example, additional educational resources, or professional help with their assignments. Will it help to find a professional write my paper service such as WritePaper to make studies better and save money? Yes, choosing budget-friendly gadgets will save up money to invest in your writing and grades. It is possible to have both! So check these cool gadgets that are under $50.


LENTION 4-in-1 USB-C Hub

Modern laptops are slick and lightweight, which often comes with the price of cutting down USB ports. You probably have lots of devices to plug in, so the best option is to have a hub for all of them. This one goes for $20 and has four ports: three USB-A ones and one USB-C (for charging only). And it is quite compact, so one can take it anywhere.

Jackery Bar Charger

There is nothing worse than having 2% power while being far away from an outlet. Having a portable charger is simply a necessity today. There are lots of different brands and devices out there, but this one is a great choice for the price (starting at $20).

This gadget is pocket-sized, so it is not bulky and easy to travel with. It holds enough power to recharge an iPhone 2-3 times, which is decent.

It also works with Android devices and Kindles. The only downside is that it has only one USB port, which means you can charge only one device at a time.

Reusable Bottle Brita

Having a reusable bottle with you is not only environmentally friendly but also keeps one hydrated at all times. A Brita bottle costs $20 and comes with a filter straw to make sure that your water is clear. It is also leak-proof and made of BPA-free plastic. One needs to change the filter every two months, but it is pretty affordable too as a pack of three filters costs $12.

Laptop Cooling Pad

Running complex software or games can overheat the laptop, which is incredibly harmful. Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim cooling pad is going to solve this issue. It costs only about $18 and works with any laptop up to 17 inches. It is connected via USB port and it is portable. One can take it around the campus in a backpack without any problems.

Apple AirTag or Tile Bluetooth Tracker

These gadgets have the same purpose but work with different devices—the Apple is obviously for iPhone, and Tile trackers are for Android devices.

They both go for about $30 and allow finding keys or any other small essentials you tend to lose. You just put the tag on the belonging, whether it is a wallet or car keys, and find it on your phone when needed.

JBL Go 3 – Mini Bluetooth speaker

It is great to have a speaker with you when you go camping or traveling. Or maybe you want to throw a party in a dorm. JBL Go 3 is one of the best options for the price of $40 as it is portable, has a great design, and can last for up to 5 hours of playing.


Portable Drive – SanDisk Dual Drive Go

Even if you have cloud storage, it is always a great idea to have another backup. This model is a small in size yet powerful drive with 256GB of storage space.

There are two USB ports: USB-A and USB-C, which is a great function to work with any device. So it goes smoothly with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And it costs about $35 depending on the re-seller.

Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Typing on the screen is nowhere near as efficient and comfortable as having an ergonomic keyboard. The Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard is an amazing gadget that costs under $50. The best part is that it is a multi-connection gadget that can be used with up to three devices at a time. It means one can easily switch from laptop to tablet or smartphone.

It works with iOS, Android, Windows, and most TV OSs and is pretty portable (10.9×4.9 inches).

Bluetooth Mouse

This gadget also comes in handy for students that tend to spend hours upon hours with their laptops. Logitech M350 Bluetooth mouse costs only $30 and is perfect for remote study, work, or travel. And there are multiple device support. One can set it to work with almost any gadget.

Streaming Stick Roku

Ok, maybe having a 4K streaming service doesn’t sound like a necessity to some, but a Streaming Stick is a pretty cool gadget. Roku Stick is one of the most affordable options on the market of the type that goes for $38 and allows streaming of all services in 4K.

It is a plug-in device that can breathe new life into your TV, whether you have Hulu, Netflix, or Disney+.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Anyone who stares at the screens for a prolonged amount of time needs this. Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses are sold for $9.99, which is a great deal. And they go with a one-year warranty, so if necessary one can replace or repair them.

Anozer Tablet Stand

This stand works both with tablets and smartphones. Whether you are in an online class or just watching a movie, this gadget will make it more comfortable. It is sturdy and portable. One can adjust heights and the angle.

The rubber feet keep the stand in place. Hooks and pads are covered with silicon, so the device won’t slip either. It costs $15, which is a steal for similar appliances.


It is better to come prepared for a new study year with excellent gadgets and tools to make college life easier. Choose the most useful products and save some money at the same time.

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