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10 Best Phone Monitoring Apps for Android

10 Best Phone Monitoring Apps for Android

Android devices are famous for their accessibility and advanced features. It is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. However, getting access to an android device is not that complicated. With basic technical knowledge and the right application, anyone can monitor someone’s Android device remotely.

This article covers the 10 best phone monitoring apps for android with proven results. Although each one of them has its own special features, you can still use any one of them for phone monitoring purposes. Let’s start and know more about these applications.

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Minspy is one of the best applications for monitoring any device, in the world. It allows you to track activities most easily. That is why it is most suitable for parents. As you don’t need to take permission from your kid’s device, you can access their Android device whenever you want.

Minspy’s application is trusted by millions of users for the same reason. Additionally, Forbes, PCMag, and CNET mentioned it in their publications. We gave it the first rank in our article because it encrypts all the data before showing it on your device.

To keep it safe for their users, they never ask you to root the android device. Hence, you can trust this application to monitor any Android device.

Main Features of Minspy for Android

Keylogger: It helps you check every text typed on the targeted device. It includes the deleted messages and passwords of the Android user.

Location Tracker: You can track the live location of any device by using this feature. Additionally, it can show the last check-ins of the device too.

Call recorder: You can record the live calls of the targeted device by turning on this feature.



The second best application that we have is Spyier. It is another phone monitoring application that allows you to track any device remotely. It has many advanced features that are quite useful. However, using tracking applications might be a bit complicated, but Spyier provides the simplest and easiest way to monitor any device.

It is equipped with all the advanced features of Minspy and other phone monitoring applications. The application is primarily used by the parents to keep track of their kid’s activities.



Spyine is one of the most useful platforms when it comes to phone monitoring. It allows you to monitor any Android smartphone or tablet. The set-up is pretty easy and won’t take more than a few minutes. With so many advanced tools provided by Spyine, you can easily track your children’s activities.

Setting up a phone monitoring application may be a challenging task, but you’ll find yourself at ease while using Spyine. Hence, you can start your journey and gain experience in monitoring with this useful application.



Spyic acts as the best solution if you’re having a hard time tracking your children’s phone. It is one of the best applications for parents to track their kid’s activities. The parental control feature of this application works better than the in-built feature of Android devices.

It allows you to track the location, limit application usage, and keeps track of their messaging applications as well. However, it may not be a great solution to keep track of your employees. All the features are designed to track kid’s devices.

The installation and set-up are easy and takes a few minutes. You’ll be amazed when you see how easy it is to monitor any smartphone using Spyic.



There are plenty of applications for monitoring devices. Neatspy is one of the latest additions to the list. It comes with some advanced features like the real-time location and Android keylogger. Additionally, the keylogger feature of this application is quite powerful and records every message and password typed on that device.

 Neatspy has every feature regarding any other monitoring applications. On top of that, it provides you a 60-day money-back guarantee on every subscription plan. Hence, you do not need to worry about your investment in this application.



Spyzie is one of the best applications to monitor and track the real-time location of your kid’s device. It provides plenty of features that even allows you to check other activities of the device like messages, calls logs, and even the browsing history of the device.

Additionally, Spyzie is 100% safe and easy to use. Hence, it can be the most suitable phone monitoring application for you. The set-up is pretty easy; it will not take more than a few minutes. Although it is not as popular as other applications in this list, it can still work as a great tool to track someone.


Monitoring devices online can be a challenging task. Allow me to introduce the Cocospy application. It provides complete surveillance over the devices you want to track. On top of that, it has some awesome features that even let you check the activities of any social media account on that device.

Hence, you can start your journey and gain experience in monitoring with this application. You don’t even need to keep an additional application on your device to use your account.



The parents who are always worried about their kid’s whereabouts can use this application. It is designed to help parents track the location, call logs, and browsing history of their kids. All you need is to verify their device to your online account to track it.

Hence, there is no jailbreak or phone root involved in the process. That way, parents can finally ensure their kid’s safety with a third-party application.

You can learn more about TeenSafe on their website.



Here is a popular application for Android phone monitoring. It works on the same concept and requires you to install a secret application on the targeted device. Android Keylogger is its main feature that provides all the records of texts typed on the device.

Later on, you can filter them to find out who sent or received those messages. The user interface of its website is quite impressive and works for everyone. Additionally, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee on all the subscription packs.


SpyStealth is another phone monitoring application for Android devices. It helps in tracking the location, messages, browsing history of the targeted device. Additionally, you can do someone’s background check on this platform.

However, it is way too expensive and charges a large amount for the same features.

Final Words

Monitoring an android device is no longer a secret now. These advanced applications will help you track any android phone remotely. Just install them on the targeted device and get access to all of its data remotely.

All these applications are safe to use and provide an affordable plan to monitor Android devices. Additionally, some of them provide a demo for a sample phone to understand the features of these applications.

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