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Top 10 British Series on Amazon Prime UK

British Series on Amazon Prime

British Series on Amazon Prime UK offers an extensive selection of captivating television shows from the United Kingdom. From thrilling dramas to hilarious comedies, there’s something for every viewer’s taste.

Here are the Top 10 British Series on Amazon Prime UK:

10. Downton Abbey:

From 2010 until 2015, ITV aired the British drama series Downton Abbey. Julian Fellowes wrote it, and it takes place in the early 20th century on the fictitious Downton Abbey country estate in Yorkshire. In this historical drama, the servants and members of the wealthy Crawley family live their lives after the Titanic sinks.

The series is renowned for its rich storylines, magnificent wardrobe, and amazing cinematography. With a total of 52 episodes, the programme is split into six seasons and a Christmas special. A number of honours, including many Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards, were given to the series for its popularity both commercially and among critics.

British Series on Amazon Prime

The Titanic disaster at the opening of the series in 1912 results in the death of the Crawley family heir, leaving their daughter Mary (Michelle Dockery) without a suitable husband. The family patriarch Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) then has to find a new successor to the estate, which brings in his distant cousin and middle-class barrister Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens). The Crawley family and their servants are followed throughout the First World War and the tumultuous years leading up to it in this television series.

The show’s recurring topic of the evolving status of women in society is one of its most notable ones. The Crawley girls, especially Mary and her younger sister Edith (Laura Carmichael), are shown as bright and aspirational young ladies who must negotiate societal restraints that restrict their potential. Suffrage, contraception, and the shifting responsibilities of women in the working are just a few of the topics the characters in the series debate.

9. Sherlock

A British television programme called Sherlock ran on BBC One from 2010 until 2017. The series, which was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, is a contemporary retelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless detective tales, and it stars Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.

The programme is renowned for its stunning cinematography, quick-witted narrative, and snappy scripting. A solo mystery for Sherlock to solve appears in each episode, which lasts about 90 minutes and is formatted like a mini-movie.

British Series on Amazon Prime

With Dr. John Watson as his dependable friend and confidant, the series is set in modern-day London and chronicles the adventures of the brilliant but quirky investigator Sherlock Holmes. Together, they crack a string of tricky and frequently hazardous crimes, from homicide and theft to terrorism and espionage.

The interaction between Sherlock and Watson is explored throughout the programme; Watson is frequently the more relatable and realistic figure. Watson acts as both a buddy and a counterbalance to Sherlock’s occasionally abrasive nature in their complicated and occasionally tense relationship.

Sherlock routinely uses his smartphone and laptop to obtain information and analyse evidence, which is one of the show’s defining characteristics when it comes to integrating technology and contemporary forensic procedures to solve cases. The programme also has chic graphics and quick editing, which give it a distinctive and contemporary air.

8. Broadchurch

A British television criminal drama series called Broadchurch ran on ITV from 2013 to 2017. Chris Chibnall is the author of the television series, which is based on the murder of a young child and is set in the fictitious English town of Broadchurch in Dorset.

The programme is renowned for its compelling performers, complex storylines, and gorgeous coastal setting. The show has three seasons, each of which focuses on a separate crime and investigation.

British Series on Amazon Prime

The investigation into the death of 11-year-old Danny Latimer is the primary subject of the show’s first season. Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman), a local policewoman who is friendly with the victim’s family, and Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant), an outsider with a problematic background, are in charge of the investigation. The little town’s network of secrets and lies is soon disclosed throughout the inquiry, and tensions rise as the identity of the murderer is gradually made known.

The show’s second season focuses on a fresh case involving a sexual assault and deals with the fallout from the investigation from the previous season. The rape case and its effects on the town and its citizens are the main topics of the third and final season of the programme.

Each season of the programme delves more deeply into the depths of interpersonal relationships and emotional experiences as it examines themes of loss, trauma, and community. David Tennant and Olivia Colman have excellent performances as the main investigators, and the characters are thoroughly developed and powerfully acted.

7. The Crown

A British historical drama series called The Crown debuted on Netflix in 2016. The series, which was created by Peter Morgan, is based on Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure as monarch of the United Kingdom and chronicles her life from the 1940s to the present.

The programme has become well-known for its opulent production values, minute attention to detail, and potent performances. The first season of the programme premiered in 1947, and the most current one ended in the early 2000s. Each season of the programme covers a decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

British Series on Amazon Prime

The programme focuses on Queen Elizabeth II’s struggles as she ascends to the throne and negotiates the political and emotional difficulties that come with holding the position of head of state. As part of its investigation into the effects that their individual challenges and victories had on the royal family and the nation as a whole, the series also digs into the lives of her family members, including Prince Philip, Royal Charles, and Princess Diana.

Claire Foy played Queen Elizabeth II for the first two seasons of the programme, then Olivia Colman played the role for the third and fourth seasons. The programme has an all-star cast. In the latter seasons, Tobias Menzies played the role of Prince Philip, while Helena Bonham Carter played Princess Margaret. Matt Smith played Prince Philip in the supporting cast.

6. Luther

2010 saw the BBC One debut of the British criminal drama Luther. The series, which was created by Neil Cross, centres on the investigations of John Luther (Idris Elba), a talented but sensitive investigator working for the Serious Crime Section of the London Metropolitan Police.

The programme is well-known for its grimy tone, intricate characters, and compelling performances. The series comprises of four to six hour-long episodes every season, with Luther looking into a fresh case each time.

British Series on Amazon Prime

As Luther is forced to deal with some of the most brutal and distressing murders in London, the series exposes the psychological toll that his line of work has on him. As he struggles against the criminals he hunts as well as his own inner demons, he is plagued by the ghosts of his past and frequently pushed to the verge of insanity.

Luther is a talented investigator with a strong moral compass and a steadfast dedication to justice, despite his weaknesses. A cast of recurrent characters, including his old partner and buddy Justin Ripley (Warren Brown) and his supervisor Detective Chief Superintendent Rose Teller, assist him in his investigations (Saskia Reeves).

The programme also has a number of famous antagonists, such as Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson), who after Luther fails to apprehend her for murder creates a strange relationship with him.

5. Peaky Blinders

Streaming on BBC Two since 2013, Peaky Blinders is a British historical crime drama. The Steven Knight-created drama series centres on the activities of the Shelby criminal family and is set in Birmingham, England, in the years following World War I.

The programme is renowned for its chic aesthetics, stirring performances, and complex storylines. The series has an all-star ensemble, led by Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, the ruthless and charismatic head of the Shelby family, and Helen McCrory as Aunt Polly, the matriarch.

British Series on Amazon Prime

In navigating Birmingham’s perilous world of organised crime, the Shelby family faces power conflicts that are explored throughout the series. They come into a variety of fascinating individuals along the road, such as competing gangs, dishonest politicians, and undercover government officers.

The series incorporates historical facts and real-life characters from the era, including Winston Churchill and the emergence of fascism in Europe. The programme is renowned for its attention to detail and historical authenticity.

In addition, the soundtrack for Peaky Blinders is well renowned for incorporating modern music, which gives the historical setting a fresh spin. The programme has received accolades for its chic aesthetics and moody cinematography, which portray the grim and perilous environment of the Shelby family.

4. Doctor Who

Since 1963, Doctor Who has been an intermittently broadcast science fiction television programme from Britain. The Doctor is a time-traveling extraterrestrial from the planet Gallifrey, who travels through time and space in a craft called the TARDIS. The Doctor Who television series was created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson.

Every few years, a new actor takes on the enigmatic and eccentric role of The Doctor. The show is renowned for its innovative plots, well-known antagonists, and ground-breaking spectacular effects.

British Series on Amazon Prime

A passionate fandom, a plethora of spin-off programmes, books, and products have all been produced as a result of Doctor Who’s cultural phenomenon throughout the years.

The programme is renowned for its capacity to reinvent itself with each new season, with each actor offering their own distinct interpretation of the Doctor. With the Doctor on his explorations across time and space are a variety of endearing companions that appear in the series.

Science fiction, fantasy, horror, and historical drama are just a few of the many themes and subjects the programme has covered throughout the years. Apartheid, war, and ecology are just a few of the social and political problems it has addressed.

3. The Grand Tour

In 2016, Amazon Prime Video debuted the first season of the British auto racing television series The Grand Tour. A range of automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles are used to travel across the globe for the show, which is presented by former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

The hosts of the show frequently engage in crazy antics and hilarious discussion, and the show is noted for its fun and often irreverent tone. A variety of tasks, road excursions, and automobile evaluations are included in each episode, and celebrities and industry insiders make cameo appearances.

British Series on Amazon Prime

The Grand Tour has received accolades for its excellent production values, breathtaking settings, and gorgeous cinematography, which perfectly convey the beauty and exhilaration of operating some of the most exotic and potent vehicles in the world.

The programme has also drawn criticism for some of its sillier stunts and gags that have been deemed inappropriate or insensitive. The hosts, on the other hand, have defended the programme, saying that it is consistent with their irreverent and occasionally contentious brand of comedy.

The Grand Tour has maintained its popularity with viewers of driving and travel programmes despite the controversy, with each season bringing fresh challenges and fascinating new adventures. The Grand Tour Presents, a spin-off series and special that focuses on lengthy road journeys and international experiences, is one of the many spin-off series and specials that the programme has inspired.

2. Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker is the creator of the science fiction television anthology series Black Mirror in the United Kingdom. It debuted on Channel 4 in December 2011 before moving to Netflix. The programme has become well-known for its dark, thought-provoking, and even uncomfortable topics that examine how technology has affected human civilization.

Every installment of Black Mirror is a stand-alone tale that takes place in a distinct universe. A dystopian future or alternate present where technology has taken over different facets of human existence, from social media and dating apps to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, is frequently shown in the series.

British Series on Amazon Prime

The show frequently touches on the possible negative effects of an over dependence on technology. It frequently prompts inquiries about identity, privacy, and the nature of humanity. For instance, a grading system used to evaluate the social standing of the individuals in the episode “Nosedive” resulted in severe social uniformity and the loss of individuality.

In some episodes, the situations are more severe. For example, in “USS Callister,” a programmer builds a virtual reality game to exact revenge on his coworkers, while in “Metalhead,” a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world are being pursued by robotic dogs.

Black Mirror’s narrative, directing, and acting have all received high praise from critics. It has earned several honours, including six Primetime Emmy Awards, and has drawn accolades for its skill in fusing social satire with science fiction and horror themes.

Despite its appeal, the programme has come under fire for portraying technology and society in a dark and negative light. Also, some viewers felt the show’s subject matter to be too upsetting or gloomy.

1. Good Omens

Based on the same-named Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novel, Good Omens is a six-part television series. BBC Studios and Amazon Prime Video jointly developed the series, which had its online video debut in May 2019.

The plot centres on Aziraphale, an angel, and Crowley, a demon, both of whom have spent a lot of time on Earth and have developed feelings for the planet and its people. Michael Sheen and David Tennant play the two characters, respectively. They work together to avert the end of the world when they realise that it is imminent.

British Series on Amazon Prime

The programme is a dark comedy with elements of satire, fantasy, and religion. It has a large ensemble cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Frances McDormand, Jon Hamm, and Miranda Richardson.

The clever writing, inventive storyline, and top-notch acting in Good Omens have all received accolades. The chemistry between Sheen and Tennant is especially impressive since they complement one other’s qualities to provide a charming odd couple dynamic.

With Pratchett and Gaiman acting as executive producers and participating actively in the creation, the series has also received acclaim for its accurate rendition of the original material.

From acclaimed historical dramas like “The Crown” to gripping crime series like “Line of Duty” and “Broadchurch,” from the timeless humor of “Fawlty Towers” to the inventive sci-fi of “Black Mirror,” British series on Amazon Prime UK offer a vast array of options to satisfy your entertainment cravings. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of British television on Amazon Prime UK.

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