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Technologies at the Heart of Redefining Your Casino Experience

Technologies at the Heart of Redefining Your Casino Experience

The casino industry is one of the biggest adopters of new technology. This is done to give players the best experiences at these casinos which ends up making the casinos more money. For these two reasons, we are seeing the adoption of various pieces of technology that help casinos achieve both of these aims. So, which technologies are shaping the casino experience today?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Gaming

It is almost impossible to talk about how casinos are leveraging technology for better customer experiences without mentioning virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). With both of these technologies, players only need to log into a casino website, and through wearable tech, they are dropped into a new world, with life-like graphics and real-time interaction with virtual casino artefacts.

With the improvements being made in both VR and AR technology, you can expect the virtual worlds and realities they create to get better in addition to a larger number of games able to take advantage of their capabilities.

Data Modelling and Predictive Analysis

Data might be a dry topic for a lot of people, but it has become a very powerful tool for the casino industry. With millions of people around the world opting for online casinos, these casinos have a lot of sources from which they can gather data. This data is then used to identify top games, behaviour patterns and what players prefer most when choosing a game. When gambling online Australia, many casinos and online games can track player histories to help create new games that will cater to these players’ preferences.

If these games become popular and players routinely share them online, then they can be included in land-based casinos. In a way, online players and their data is used to test new games, helping casinos see what works and what does not.

Facial Recognition and Smart Systems

Casino crime is a real concern and it is a problem that land-based casinos have to deal with. Cheating and other practices cut casino profits, and players who engage in them have been identified and put on blacklists that use facial recognition and smart camera systems. It has been an open secret for some time that some casinos use facial recognition to keep unwanted guests out.

If smart cameras and facial recognition fail to identify an unwanted guest at the door or the car park, casinos have something else in their arsenal: behavioural analysis.  These systems can analyse body language to predict who is doing or is about to do something they are not supposed to.

Lastly, these cameras can identify counterfeit chips and card counting, helping stop them before they happen or go on for too long.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Casinos need to know which chips are real or not, where each of their chips is, and stop chip theft. RFID tags help casinos know if the chips they are looking at are real or not. Additionally, RFID makes it easy to deactivate stolen chips so they become worthless as soon as the theft is reported.

Although it may not look like it, casinos are some of the biggest consumers of new technology. They have also been involved in the development of new ways of using these technologies, such as the RFID technology discussed above.

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