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We believe in free speech and in the same direction we introduce Global Brands Magazine to be an open platform for sharing news, ideas, opinions, reflections, learning, and news stories with readers from around the globe. Hence we welcome everyone to be a part of Global Brands Magazine and write for us.

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Write for us

The term ‘write for us‘ is self-explanatory when it comes to digital news and article publishing, widely used term worldwide by many digital media outlets.

This is a way to share your interesting writings with a huge audience around the globe. Want to be heard among the global audience? The ‘write for us’ program provides a platform for writers who want to be heard in the crowd.

Submission Guidelines:

If you would like to write and submit a guest article to Global Brands Magazine for potential publication, that’s great. Thanks for considering! Before you write and submit your article for review, here are a few guidelines to boost your chances of approval.

Very important

We have the right to deny the content which:

  • Divides the society
  • Goes against any religion
  • Hampers the fabric of pluralism
  • Abuses/Hampers democracy
  • Attacks the rights of minorities
  • Abuses freedom of speech/expression
  • Targets individual harassment
  • Promotes hatred
  • or otherwise.

Principle #1: Useful Articles

Our focus is on providing readers with useful, practical, helpful, actionable information that brings readers significant benefits. Be an expert as it helps if you know what you’re talking about. Educate, teach, and solve problems in your article. If you’ve noticed that readers in a particular field have problems with something, write a solution for them. The articles that solve readers’ problems tend to do well here.

Principle #2: Unique articles

Freshness and Uniqueness: Write fresh and unique content. Not only the content needs to be fresh and unique but also the topic should be unique to the users. We think I’ve got it covered (and people agree) when it comes to offering content that has a different style and way of teaching, content that is fresh, or content that presents a new angle on something. So, what should you do?

Be creative: It goes without saying, this is a writing tips blog. So you must be creative. Don’t know what this means? Think outside the box. Think different.

Be innovative: Think of opinions or ideas that haven’t been covered yet (or haven’t been covered extensively) on other blogs. Say something new and say it with a fresh voice that hasn’t been presented before. Notice what everyone’s already doing — and figure out what they’re not doing. It’s not to say that you can’t write on common topics, it’s just that you shouldn’t cover it with the exact sauce opinion as others have done.

Original Content: Be original and unique. Figure out what we haven’t written about yet. If you want, and if you’ve got the reasons, you can take an opposing stance to one of Our opinions. Got a fresh idea? You increased your chances of Our getting interested in your post.

Interesting Article: We like interesting articles. Give your writing sous swing. Tell a story, use a great metaphor, or write sous thought-provoking material.

Backlinks: Please don’t fill articles with links to your site in every paragraph. If one of your articles is extremely relevant, then a link is encouraged. Otherwise, a post with unnecessary links to your site is not allowed.

Principle #3: Relevant articles

Our focus is on writing tips, with broad subcategories of Brands, Research, Reports, Innovation, Future, Unicorn companies. Therefore, random articles that are not based on the above topics will be rejected. Make sure to write on one tight topic, not many small ones.

Principle #4: Well-written articles

At Global Brands Magazine, we focus on high-quality articles that offer strong value and solutions to problems for our readers. Our readers rely on us to accept only the best of the best.

Global Brands Magazine imparts knowledge on many writing disciplines to readers. As such, posts need to be well-written and demonstrate a good command of the language, grammar, punctuation, clarity, style, and tone. Run your content through a spell check, and try to catch all the typos. Even after that, it’s best to manually proofread for those contextual spelling errors. As for grammar check, don’t even get us started — please don’t rely on automation.

Edit your post well, and rewrite it a few times. It’s a good idea to set your post aside for a day or two and come back to it to edit, change the sentences for better flow, and in general make it better.

Your post may also be edited prior to publication for quality or clarity. Please don’t be offended if we make changes that improve your post even more.

Make sure you have a strong introduction that hooks readers and draws them in.

Use good structure and formatting. Sub-headers and bullet points or strong impact statements help Our audience read your awesome content.

Keep your posts above the word count of 600 words. Articles around here tend to be on the longer side — but shorter ones can be awesome as well. Word count matters, but the main tip is this: write as much as you need to, no more.

Have a well-rounded wrap-up. We’ve noticed that the conclusion is one of the most neglected areas of guest posts. Please finish your post well and summarize it with a good bang that encourages conversation and commentary.

Some more article/post guidelines

Include a small paragraph crediting yourself as an author. Make it interesting, include a link to your site, and one more link which can be controlled by you (e.g. to your Twitter account, your cornerstone content page, etc.)

We like internal linking, so include a link or two to a relevant post on Our blog. You may also link out to other relevant posts on the web if you like — but no more than three links, please.

Credit all sources if your article demands any.

  • All articles must be in the English language and have a basic structure of paragraphs. Long ones are harder to read. Of course, if you use sub-headlines, lists, bold and italic text in the right context and right amount then it’s always a bonus. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing, and therefore, make sure you don’t go overboard.
  • Your article must be original work that hasn’t been published elsewhere. No copy-pasted articles from anywhere else, even your own site.
  • If your article is accepted, in its entirety it should not appear elsewhere (such as on your own blog).

Author Guidelines

The account must be a human author account even if you work for an organization and want to publish on behalf of any organization. The Byline should always remain a real human author. Don’t use social profiles of any organization but the author’s personal only. You may mention the name of the company in the author’s description. You may use your company/personal blog/website.

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