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Strongest Brands in the Gaming Industry

Strongest Brands in the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is considered to be an ever-changing industry. It is no longer a niche area for a particular age group or customer segment. Gaming is becoming a feasible form of entertainment for players across all age groups and backgrounds. The introduction of gaming in mobile phones and improvements in gaming hardware are the reasons for it to become more and more popular. This shift to the mainstream has brought in major differences in the generation of revenue by the gaming industry. Better graphics, faster processors, and enhanced sound cards have meant the growth and development of the industry.

What are the Different Branding Elements in the Gaming Industry?

Different elements are necessary for the brands to make a strong impact on the minds of the players. They are:

  • The design of the logo.
  • The personality of the customers.
  • Taglines and slogans.
  • Persona and voice of the brand.
  • High market demand.

How can Branding be Used in the Gaming Industry?

Branding is important for every industry, but right and good branding can truly make some differences for the companies associated with the gaming industry. Players who regularly follow and play video games identify their favorite brands instantly. The video gaming industry is very interesting because there are two layers of branding, one that makes and releases the games, and two, the gaming brand itself. The players need to know the brand of the game which gives it the most popularity.

Why is a Strong Brand Important?

The gaming industry needs to have a strong brand attached because it is the base to attract young players. There are a lot of reasons for having a top brand attached to a popular online game. They are:

  • The gaming industry must use strong brands to help the games being identified.
  • The brands act as a bridge between the players and the online game.
  • The brands help the gamers to identify them with the game.
  • The players can easily connect to the game by just looking at its brand.
  • Gamers spending hours playing single-player shooter games like Halo or multiplayer shooter games like CS: GO will probably start to project him into the game partly.
  • The players tend to reach out more to that game which is associated with a known brand.
  • The brand acts as a feel-good factor to the players.
  • A strong, identifiable, and unforgettable brand can take the popularity of the video game to the next level.
  • The player can promote the game to his peer group and thus promotion of the brand.

Why are Brands Integrating with the Gaming Industry?

Nowadays, brands are integrating more with the gaming industry because of its benefits and advantages. Both games and brands need to attract players from across the world and this can be best done when they both collaborate. The most difficult task for a brand is to attract the young generation. And the best way to do it is to combine with video games. Influencing the young group of the population becomes more comfortable for a brand when they can engage them directly through video games. Here are some of the ways by which brands are trying to integrate with the gaming industry to attract young players.

  1. Advertising

Advertising is another way by which top brands collaborate with the gaming industry. Promoting products by those brands majorly helps them to achieve their targets. The brands can promote their products:

  • In between live streaming of online single or multi-player games.
  • As advertisements in between two levels of online video games.
  • By giving advertisements to specific tournaments and championships meant for a particular age group.

While playing CS: GO, a player can see an advertisement of a particular brand when he reaches the next level or he can see the ad when buying CS: GO skins from Brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have been able to connect with the target group of gamers through advertisements in different online games.

  1. Franchising

Franchising is another way for a strong brand to connect with its audience. Top brands have always utilized this concept for the expansion of their presence and selling different merchandise by collaborating with a specific video game. This is the best possible way to make them identifiable. Any brand can franchise in any single-player or multiplayer games, especially league games.

  1. Sponsorships

One of the ways that strong brands try to collaborate with games is by sponsorships. Brands sponsor different tournaments and championships to attract young players. Redbull is the biggest example of this category. It is the first brand that identified the potential of the gaming industry. The brand has hosted many tournaments and championships partnering with the top gaming players and teams. This way the brand could increase their sales figures and a lot of sponsorship agreements have been signed between the brand and gaming partners benefiting both. HTC, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz are other examples.

Determining a Strong Brand in the Gaming Industry

There are a lot of ways to determine or identify whether a brand is strong enough in the gaming industry. The brands need to have some specifications depending on which the games will be eager to collaborate with them. Some of the factors to determine a strong brand perfect for the industry are:

  1. Financial Stability

The company or the brand must be financially stable to collaborate with the gaming industry. This is because it is time-consuming to reach out to the target audience and the brands need to try out integrating with different games to be identified.

  1. Brand Name

The name of the brand is very important for it to reach its target audience. A known name will easily be able to attract young generation gamers if it collaborates with a well-known or the most popular online video game.

  1. Revenue

With the help of the revenue generated by the company or the brand, it can think of whether it can collaborate with more than one game to get more audience.

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