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There are rules to driving on the road and if someone does not follow those rules, then they should be held accountable. This is especially true if a deviation from the rules results in an accident and injury to a pedestrian. If you are an everyday pedestrian or choose to walk to work despite having a car, then you should not be held in a compromised state and should be compensated adequately.

This article will aim to educate you on the particulars of the legalities attached to car accidents and injuries to pedestrians caused by them. If you or a loved one have been unfortunate enough to be in such a traumatizing situation, then you will most definitely benefit.  And if you need more information, be sure to view website.


No matter what happens, don’t jump to accept the first settlement offer and the experts agree on this. Burch Law Firm explains that while an insurance company may approach you with a settlement offer, you should not sign your rights away before you’ve spoken with a professional. Such settlements are often not adequate and a lawyer would be able to help you better assess the situation.

Secondly, you should NEVER take the matter into your hands. Just because you were injured by someone else’s reckless driving does not mean you have carte-blanche to break any laws and assault someone. As you read on, you’ll see you have many avenues to seek justice and adequate damages for the pain you’ve suffered.


Under the law, drivers have three responsibilities when it comes to pedestrians. Firstly, it is the driver’s duty to exercise primary care to avoid hitting a pedestrian. Secondly, a driver is supposed to warn any pedestrians on the road of their car’s presence i.e. they need to honk the horn. Finally, drivers need to exercise a list of precautions if they encounter pedestrians on the road, especially if they are children or disabled. In a nutshell, the onus of responsibility lies on the driver.

Therefore, pedestrians who have been injured by a driver may have a valid claim and can approach a court of law for compensation. However, this is a generalized discussion and only a New Braunfels pedestrian accident lawyer would be able to better assess the situation and advise you accordingly.


The best way of handling such a matter is to consult with a lawyer. Lawyers have the legal knowledge and expertise to advise you on how to best handle a situation. You’ll also need a lawyer to represent you in court to file the claim. You could choose to represent yourself but that would come with a whole range of problems. Also, you could end up signing away further rights, due to lack of knowledge, if you initiate the process yourself.

Lawyers are trained to deal with these situations from start to finish. Not only will they handle the legal side of things, but they’ll also deal with procedural and administrative matters for you, along with handling correspondence with all parties involved. You’re practically going to be sitting at home and waiting for a settlement. Also, because such lawyers mostly work on a contingency fee basis, you won’t have to worry about paying upfront.

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