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Badminton vs Table Tennis | What Are Their differences?

Table Tennis

While table tennis and badminton are worlds apart for those who are familiar with the two sports, to someone who is new to these sports, it can be a bit confusing to distinguish between the two. While they are both racket sports, they differ in a few ways, and their differences is what we are going to be having a closer look at in this article. We will not go into the history of badminton or the history of table tennis, so if this is what you are after, you might as well leave. So, without further ado, let’s get cracking with the differences, shall we?

The Playing Surfaces

A game of badminton is played on an indoor court that is just under 70 square meters for singles and just under 82 square meters for doubles. When it comes to a game of table tennis, you will play on a table that has a lot less space for you to work with. For the table to be considered a professional table fit for big competitions, it must be 2.74m long and 1.5m wide. In addition to this, it also must be 76 centimetres off the floor. Regarding singles and doubles, the playing area is the same in table tennis.

The Rules

The most notable differences in the rules for table tennis or badminton lie in the order of serve and the score caps. In a game of badminton, a player wins a game by being the first one to score 21 points. If both players are on 20 points each, then it can go far beyond the 21-point cap since a player must be ahead by two clear points to win the game. On the other hand, in a game of table tennis, the score cap is a lot lower, with just 11 points needed to win a game. If both players have scored 10 points each, then the game continues until someone establishes a two-point lead.

Both sports also differ when it comes to the service order. In badminton, the right to serve first is decided by the flick of a coin. Then, after the first serve, the player that wins the point will serve and the service stays with them until their opponent wins a point. When it comes to table tennis, service is not determined by the player who scores the point. Instead, each player gets two serves, and then service is passed over to their opponents, no matter who wins the rally.

International Competitions

The only international competition that you would see both table tennis and badminton in is the Olympics. Beyond the Olympics, international competitions for both sports vary.

International competitions for badminton are organized and overseen by the BWF. Apart from the BWF World Championship, other BWF events that you can bet on include the Sudirman Cup and the Thomas Cup. Another top badminton event is the Yonex All England Open, which is open to both singles and doubles. Many badminton fans like to bet on this exciting sport, and these are the best Badminton betting sites.

On the other hand, the ITTF are responsible for supervising and organizing international table tennis events. Some of the biggest table tennis competitions include the World Table Tennis Championships, and the World Team Table Tennis Championships. An interesting note of contrast is how the doubles and singles events take place. Unlike with badminton, doubles and singles events are played alternately, so in 2024 the World Table Tennis Championships will be played, while the doubles competition will be played in 2025.

The Equipment Used

A game of badminton is played using a shuttlecock and a racket – the racket must not be longer than 680mm and the head must not measure more than 280mm. The shuttlecock must be anywhere between 62-70mm in length with the skirt forming a circle that measures 58-68mm in diameter. It also must weigh between 4.74 and 5.50 grams.

To play a game of table tennis, you will need to have a racket and ball. The racket has a handle and the circular area that you use to hit the ball is known as a blade. The table tennis racket can be of any size and shape so long as 85% of the thickness of the blade is made from wood. The table tennis ball is made from plastic and is 40mm in diameter, while weighing 2.7 grams. The ball will be white or orange since these colours provide a good contrast to the table, meaning the ball is easier to see.

In both table tennis and badminton, shoes are important since they have an impact on your agility and can prevent you from slipping a losing a point. However, the qualities to look out for in a pair of shoes depends on whether you are playing badminton or table tennis.

When it comes to table tennis shoes, you should opt for shoes that lightweight, grippy, support lateral movement, and have very good heel support. Regarding badminton shoes, you will find that the soles are shaped differently, and this is because they are shaped in such a way to decrease the chances of their user rolling their ankle and picking up a serious injury. So, yes, even the shoes for both are these sports are different.

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